Things you want to see in the PC port

I hope the PC version will support 21:9. It doesn’t need to be full support, just add black bars to the menu and loading screens, then go fullscreen ingame. Most of the time there are mods for this, shortly after games are released, but they always have a few glitches, so official support would be great :grinning:

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If somehow Microsoft allow mods at the cross plataform play, i wish slots on xbox one KI for mod export. At least 1 per character. You create your mod on pc then upload it to the cloud and you can use it on your Xbox one as you wish. Could be like some sort of KI app. You also could upload your mod to Microsoft and wait for its approval then you download your own mod on your Xbox. Also people would vote for the top KI mods.

Would be a whole new way to customize your character.


If mods only apply to the aesthetics I can get behind this. :+1:

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Just make a good port, don’t care so much about extra features.
Although, improved textures as an option would be welcome.


I agree with this. Nothing Crazy right now, just make KI on PC near Identical to the Xbox One version for now.

Along with improved textures, I’d like to see 1920x1080 resolution, an option for vsyncing, AA options (FXAA etc.), scalable effects, and model shadow options. My pc isn’t the best, and I’d like to have options to improve framerate and screen tearing.

Options, Bloody Options! Give is a nice range of graphical customizable options to make it will play on a wide variety of system configurations.
Of course, the other obvious one would be optimization. Keep the frame rate smooth and the bugs/crashes minimal.
Mod support would be nice, specifically cross platform, but it doesn’t outweigh just making it work.

Mod’s for custom stages and Music would be sick. I always wanted to play on a full moon stage.

Game surprizingly has great 2dvision support out of the box but needs shadow moves fixed, character select screen depth and the NCP 3dvision advanced keys to work.

Game looks absolutely amazing in 3d otherwise but the shadow moves are a big problem, could cause you to lose a match I think.

Game needs exclusive full screen!
Also needs online matchmaking in practice and shadow modes.

how about finishers from the original game?