Things you never thought you'd say (or your parents would say)

What is something you never thought you would have to say to your kids…or for you youngsters without kids something your parents said to you you didn’t think they’d ever say?

For me, it was something earlier tonight:

Cheesecake is not a toothbrush.

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Don’t make me get the roller…or the belt.


“Don’t make me come up there and be a parent.”

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Mom: “Hey son could you take out the trash tonight?”


I got the chew out of a life time that night.


What I NEVER expected my parents to say and it surprised me the absolute first time: My dad was driving with me to Walmart and this was back in high-school, some other African-Americans were riding up and they cut us off…You can imagine what my dad said next.

That surprised the ■■■■ out of me. Though I think they must of really pissed him off to get him to even say it.

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Was it niggers or niggas? Apparently both mean the same thing…but…I’ve been told otherwise. I’ll take a stab and say your dad went with the former as opposed to the latter.


Trying 4 shock value eh?

Nah, just curious really. There’s nothing shocking about this. This isn’t new stuff. I mean, like I said I looked up the word. Scratched my head a little and thought…I don’t get it really. But ok.

lol @ the direction of this thread. I really dont think the guy meant to offend anyone, but with the way this site is moderated, it will be taken down for sure.

(NOT condoning the use of the word)

My mom says strange things, but its not really a SPECIFIC thing that she said.

My mom has no sense of “Throwing Shade” at all. She DOESNT FEEL the awkwardness of throwing shade, or having it thrown at her.

For example: A laundry commercial come on TV… she says “At least they DO their laundry, unlike YOU”. And as you could imagine, the whole room fills with tension, someone gets hurt, and everyone thinks an argument is about to happen. BUT THE THING IS… SHE DOESNT FEEL ANY OF THAT. SHE DOESNT EVEN REALIZE SHE SAID ANYTHING AWKWARD OR OFFENSIVE!

She says those things all the time, without any “mean intentions”. And when people say things like that to her, she doesnt get hurt by it, or even COMPREHEND that it was meant to be negative… She just says “That is true” and accepts it.

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Sounds like me.

We’re done here.