Things(issues) that need to be corrected


Bellow I am going to list some problematic point of the game, that I have found while testing the product.

First and the foremost I think, that combo-assist needs to be revisited and corrected, because it makes playing not just easier, but much more interesting, flexible, fluent, fun, exciting and for the most part much less mechanical. Shortly put it makes playing feel like playing.

Secondly it could draw and encourage new player and give a chance to integrate combo-assist to those that are aware of misinputs and disregard it for this reason. After all KI2013 seems to be the hardest F-game to handle, especially without assist and for novice users.

Further I will provide some examples where combo-assist does things, that it should not. With TJ Combo there are flaws when c-a can perform unintentional linker after a missed manual (same applies to Rash as well). Similarly in instinct TJ preforms unintentional linker after command grab, Heavy, recapture, HP manual. Same is true when you go for Opener+Manual with TJ.

TJ got some more issues in instinct. He is unable to preform command grab (on block) after pressing any Heavy-Medium buttons.

Back to combo-assist. For example TJ is able to preform his target combo with combo-assist, but Kim Wu sadly does not. So it would be great, that all characters could preform their target combos while assist-mode is on.

Last thing for combo-assist is that for some reason it does not allow to preform auto-doubles after in air counter-breaker and allows linkers exclusively. I think this should be corrected as well.

Beyond c-a stuff, I have found, that Kilgore, while overheated, is unable to confirm Shadow rockets after Chain Gun assault to all character. For instance you can continue this combination on Sabrewulf or Kim Wu, but not on Rash or Fulgore (size matters?). If corrected this should remove unnecessary complexity.

Hopefully this report caught your attention and interest in term of bring the best KI experience to Everyone!

Unfortunately Anniversary update brought more trouble to the game like missing guardians, laggy menus, slow loading, general instability, audio issues, replays are gone, the game does not allow full-screen scaling anymore (which looks much more natural for 16:10).

All these clutter made the game pretty much unplayable at the moment. Before the update, not much problems were experienced besides occasional syncing malfunction, besides that KI was running flawlessly (on a low end configuration). [Steam version].

Are you considering to make the game much more accessible and playable anytime soon?

Thank you and best of Luck with it!

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Meanwhile I have identified more issue and decided to share some though on how to make a game more premium. Further I will introduce you with these ideas presented in short descriptions.

• Pre-patch replays used to get broken, if you pause them a lot or play at half speed. (At least vs Kyle AI and this year 2023).

• Show inputs setting now became centralised. Used to be individualised for every mode like training, replays and versus matches. It would be great, if the previous model would get back, so there was no need constantly switching it on and off.

• It would be great, if users at least on PC could get a chance to select between regular and 4K interface. Personally I would prefer regular more, since it was smother and faster on all systems. Also it is not clear why is there two interface files included in game folders (regular and 4K). Which take a lot of space, especially 4K, probably the largest game file.

• New reworked Gargos arrives menu at the hub looks wacky. Used to be slightly epic and certainly dramatic. Enhancing it is appreciatful.

• Some new portrait doesn’t resemble the character at all. Tusk and Kim Wu are the portrait, that are the least of all resembles original 3D model face. They both look aged now.

• Perhaps there is no reason to show rotating character notification in full game version.

• Based on your previous artwork, new KI entrance logo does not seem complete.

• As discussed previously the game became much more demanding and minreqs should be revised. For example Steam version still has Win7 as minimum requirement OS. It seems that all the preformance issues, that emerged after anniversary update are due to 4K textures and if users could switch between regular and 4K interface, current minreqs should be enough, except Win7 on Steam.

• Out of all changes that anniversary update brought, there was only one significant improvement, that I’ve encountered so far and that is ShadowLab syncing. However not everybody got, that fortunate. Used to sync minutes or not sync at all and easily loose connection, after which game has to be restarted.

• Lastly and suddenly the game stopped launching and started crashing at entrance menu, just after the music started to play. This happened after not launching it for three days. After deleting config files, verifying and rebooting. KI started launching again.

Hopefully this was valuable information and would be very appreciatful, if issues would get resolve at least those that really hinders gameplay and limits characters abilities. Thank you and best of Luck!

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Thanks for the very detailed & thoughtful post!
I actually implemented the combo assist logic for all the characters & our QA was amazing at catching things, so this information is always great so we can look at very specific cases. In-general with CA on, holding back should allow all target combos, but sounds like might have issue with Kim.

Will pass all of this over to the team so we can look at this (and many other posts) when everyone is back. I will poke around in the combo assist code when I get a chance ahead of time.

Feel free to DM me with anything specific you want to discuss offline, or post more suggestions and feedback here.

Thanks again!



UPDATE 2 / Issues

• Remove crash notification on Steam when exiting game.

• A combo bug similar to manuals logic. Briefly after opener when tapping a button higher or the same strength a linker will be produced. Seems to be not applicable to all characters accept heavy buttons. For example with TJ, Sabrewulf and Riptor after LP opener, LK button will produce linker not auto-double. LP button will produce auto-double. Medium buttons will produce medium linkers. Heavy buttons produce enders. Also holding a button generates similar results. Even had moment when shadow linkers were generated.

• TJ cannot continue with shoot toss, if the following conditions are true, HP up-close, counterhit on MP, MK, HK.

• Had an issue where TJ could not finish a taunt «Take your best shot». Is it common?

• Cannot confirm on Rash’s medium wrecking ball on hit, while mid-screen. At least it seems to be unpunishable, but netherless pretty impractical move.

• Rash - in instinct bike can get stuck in Rash’s model or stop coming out at all.

• Most of the latest victories in Shadowlab appear to be unreplayable (same player). Is it a bug or maybe some sort of ragequit?

• Had a situation on Shadowlab fight, which appeared only in time field. No replay or other data were available. A bug?

• Kilgore’s Chain gun assault (up-close) on Kim Wu changes sides in corner. On Kim Wu combo (see link for reference) becomes impractical due to inconsistency of falling time. Also heavies (like sweep and wreck) switch sides, which makes this kind of corner combos impractical.

• After finding this might as well mention, that different characters require different spacing for OTG to occur after Shadow rockets. It is a full dash or short step forward. (Dashing of course is more reliable when finishing combo).

// IDEAS-Suggestions

• Skipping turns in SL mode should be prompted with double warning. Like: You are about to skip turn, after which appear another message Are you sure? That would save people from catastronpic consequences. Happend to me anyway. (And Gargos arrived).

• Also why I preferred regular interface (non-4K), because it brought a SNES like experience. Lately I intentionally downgrade graphics so that the game looks 90-00 gamelike. I don’t like sharp graphics. I consider smooth picture/graphics to be more classy and certainty easy on the eyes.

• I feel like there could be more consumable and artifacts in SL mode, because there are a lot of the same but different strengths. At the beginning, feel like there was more variety in them than at the moment.

• (On SL mode after match rewards). For example to play at the level, that I am interested, I would have to play Goldlike or scavenge for resources and the enter Challenging.

• It would be cool to have more diversity in geography of SL. Would make gameplay more interesting and engaging.

• Deleting shadow should only be possible through shadow data hub.

• Was there ever stage select when testing own shadow? That would be useful.

• Would it be possible to add golden skins to Shadowlab?

• On Steam TJ falling sound received a weird after effect. It is especially awkward when twin matches are played. I think this effect is totally irrelevant to TJ’s nature. Howitzer/Gunshot effect is enough to represent Combo’s power and present (Link bellow). By the way, currently Tusk is having difficulties preforming DP from the right wing.

• Could manual deletion of replays be implemented? For example some replays are not getting deleted with time. And it would be very useful to get rid of useless replays to open space for good ones. Very helpful for replay management. (With prompt).

• After raising shadowbars to the point for better tracking shadow text uselessly takes up and covers screen space. At the release there was no shadowbar text.

• How about enhancing AI for example Killer and Kyle totally evades TJ’s shoot toss? For example Killer and Kyle seem to be identical except Kyle will block almost anything, brake almost all combos beyond first auto-doubles or sooner. Despite that Kyle has it’s own weaknesses, that can be exploited.

Similarity are they will always brake trows, DP if you are in air, shadow-counter. Killer has much weaker blocking abilities and can even lock-out anytime

Both of them will evade TJ’s shoot toss anytime (which is unrealistic and dull). However there are a tricks to catch AI with ST. Also the moves that I’ve listed above can be used against AI (like shadow-counter) and works everytime.

So it would be reasonable to make AI more realistic, not as predictable/fixed/sequential and easy to read, but nevertheless tough/challenging to play against.

Thank you, GowinDa, for the reports, bugs, and suggestions. We’ll gather your findings and deliver them to the appropriate team members. We appreciate it!

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