Things I love about KI 2013

-The music. Dynamic music is beautiful. The tiny touches are just amazing. Idle themes are a great concept along with the musical ultras. Great work.
-The characters. So diverse. So many playstyles. Just beautiful. Everyone can find a character they like.
-The gameplay. This is one of the most balanced games I have seen.
-The community. Most people are really respectful and help each other out. I don’t know any other communities that are as great as ours.
-The stages. So detailed.
-The announcer. Do I even have to clarify?
-The tiny stuff scattered here and there. For example, the pause menu with the KI theme chime. Tiny stuff like this just makes the game amazing.
-Netcode. Online feels just like offline.
Thank you Microsft,Double Helix,and Iron Galaxy for this great game that has become a major part of my life. :thumbsup:


This is the only fighting game I play on a daily basis. This fighting game wasn’t the first that got me into the Fighting Game Genre, but it damn well solidified it. :slight_smile:

I agree with pretty much all of that.

This game is so aggravating to me because i am so torn about it.

EVERY PART OF IT is great except the balance.

Even if all the characters were 5-5 matchups, i still have an issue with the STYLE of balancing. I hate that there are some matchups where 1 mistake causes a downward spiral that is impossible to come back from. Aganos, Gargos, Eyedol, RAAM, and by smaller extent, Kan-ra, Sadira, and a few mechanics of other characters have this issue while playing WITH and AGAINST them. There are times with these characters when 15 seconds into the match you know you are going to win / loose. Or times when 1 exchange reverses an entire lifebar’s worth of work. There are games where I GENUINELY have no clue what My self (Or my opponent) could have possibly done better. The 2 biggest components of a fighting game are Spacing, and Mind-games. And some characters in this game just ruin both of those. By the time you get a “read” on someone, they have taken an entire lifebar, and have more resources / tools to keep you pinned for the 2nd life bar.

KI is undoubtedly the GREATEST, HYPE-IST, FUNEST fighting game in the world, but sometimes i wonder if the game will ever find a good “resting place” in balance.

I like the cpu vs cpu mode and shadow lab.