They still havent fixed Gargos face in Instinct


They kept the DH Gargos face (and Shago and Omen being blue instead of purple) in the same game as real Gargos is, with a face nothing like it. It’s not an evil tiger, it’s not new Gargos, it’s retro Gargos with more spikes in his head.

They need to stop fixing what isn’t wrong.

I understand the nitpick but there’s no need to make identical threads about it.

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W8, I’m confused. Should they fix it, or should they stop fixing things?

Not making much sense, man =/

Then stop being so nitpicky.

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Way to send mixed messages there.


Moved to the right sub-category.

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What if that isn’t Gargos anymore. The story hints that Omen, Shago and Jago are all separate individuals now, right? So Omen and Shago can be around at the same time…What if in the future, one of them absorbs the other and transforms into that? It may be a little cheesy and animeish, but I like it lol

IIRC the story hints that Shago becomes his own thing sometime later after Omen exits Jago. What if after Gargos’s defeat one of them realizes they are really just two halves of a whole, merge (or consume) each other and BAM awesome new character XD

Just out of curiosity, was it at any time actually confirmed that the face in shago’s instinct is gargos?

It is Gargos

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Who’s to say he can’t take on many forms, or changes his appearance from time to time? People get haircuts and new clothes all the time to make themselves look drastically different from before - I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to think that an all-powerful, god-like, interdimensional demon like Gargos can also change his appearance or take on a different form while being seen or visualized by others.

I continue to be impressed with the things people care about in The Videogame.

Here’s a reason: the face that pops up during Omen/Shago instinct activation is a distorted image of the real Gargos becasue it had to be stored in, and then pass through, an imperfect vessel.

There, now it’s canon.