These forums are DEAD. Need inspiration

Trying to learn this character, because I like weird characters that make you think, but with her recent nerfs/bug fixes, I don’t think I’m theory crafting her correctly.

I know her game plan revolves around orb and getting in with it… But nothing about it seems particularly strong.

I need some inspiration with her. Anyone know any good shin hisako videos? Especially not week 1 release ones?

I know amenty “kind of” plays her. But it’s hard to find current videos via Google search. His early stuff (amenty v Storm) didn’t seem like he’s playing to her strengths yet.

So anyone know any fights or streamers, or even 3.8 tech videos with her?

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I would like to see some tech involving her myself. After I get Cinder to L50 I think I’m going to work on Shinsako, but I’m not looking forward to it currently because I don’t really understand how she works effectively.

Well basically all of her tech and dirt takes a while to set up because the orb summon is slow, so you need knockdowns to get anything started. Her regular offense is ■■■ because everything is stupid easy to react to and leaves her super unsafe unless you shadow cancel it and even that isn’t really an option if they have meter to shadow counter. Because of that I play her very reaction based and focus on scoring those hard knockdowns. Medium dp every jump in, through gaps in pressure, and to punish -3 moves. Fish with sweep in neutral if they try grounded approaches. Run away and annoy with long range pokes to try and annoy people into throwing something unsafe at me. I only really summon orbs in neutral against characters that can’t catch me like Raam, thunder, sadira, etc.

That unlisted Exchange ender nerf really made me mad. Now the number of setups from the exchange are gone so now her options off it are pretty limited now.

You need to look at her differently. She isn’t a character with crazy “tech”.

She is a FEAR character. Just like Hisako.

Her best tools aren’t “good” in the usual sense. They are slow, unsafe, and interruptable, so instead of thinking “what can I do with this character”, think “what will my opponent LET me do”?

Shin Hisako is all about mind games. Here’s a short example:

Is your opponent just attacking all the time? Use your DP and stop them.

Is your opponent on defence too much? Surprise him with a forward dash grab.

Is your opponent pretty balanced? Throw out some orbs and see how they react. If they get defensive, keep the orb out, FOR FEAR, but don’t use it. Just go in and control space and poke and grab. If they DON’T get defensive, use it to teleport and get a hit in (but only if you KNOW they won’t be ready).

It’s a constant fight to keep your opponent under control, and doing surprising stuff ONLY when you know they are scared, and want to block. Once you know they want to block, you get a throw, which gives an orb, and then you start the process again.

If you aren’t used to REALLY focusing on your opponent, then maybe you should play someone else first. If you are good understanding who you fight against, you should easily take games off of 90% of people with her.


Nice explanations from all of you.

I personally think orb setplay was limiting people with the character. I disagree that her neutral is bad. She has incredible walk speed and good buttons. Her mixup options off any knockdown are still pretty freaking good, you just don’t get to layer them with the orb projectile.

Her forward dash crosses up and she has a suite of other unreactable nonsense…her oki game is quite strong even without orb.


I like how you can cancel the Ryu zan from the Rekka. Love that. DO it after the low looking rekka gets them every time.

But there’s other characters that can do that stuff as well. Not even sure how forward dash grab can surprise some considering how telegraphed it is.

Pretty easily actually. Thing->grab is always a legit 50/50 if the opponent doesn’t have the opportunity to check “thing”. If you try to tech and they press a button you’re hosed, and the reverse is true if you try to block and they throw. If Shinsako forward dashes on your wakeup, you’re eating a bonified mixup.

storm you should play another ft10 with amenty’s shin hisako and see where his tech has taken him. It’d be the hottest thing this forums has seen since… week 1 shin,

not saying it’s a priority that you do, just think it would be really sweet to watch and learn from =)

The only real knock down orb set ups that I’ve found after her exchange ender was nerfed was ending stuff with SRK MK or manual during a combo.

It sacrifices an ender and damage, but you have enough time to set up an orb and do some crazy stuff, but that’s all I’ve really found. She does have nice SRK juggle combos though, since it’s all manuals.

Overall I agree Shin Hisako doesn’t really have much to her, she is mostly a fear based character as said before.

I still personally think regular hisako is still stronger, but she is good in her own right. She needs more time to be unlocked.

I think it’s a bug because it never was stated in the patchnotes at all.

Let me see if this inspires the Shin Hisako player base any, or at least promotes some thinking amongst your ranks…

And yeah, probably something not intended to be a thing, but it is repeatable and can work on combo and counter breakers in the air only.

Do a wall splat ender>wall splat>dash and j.HP

they key thing is to do it in a way that there’s a gap behind them that you can tp behind them. Basically the ranges of when you can hit them front or back vary completely based off where the ender was started, your ender level, their body and the wall splat rebound. Will you hit front or back, not even you know. because often weird ■■■■ happens when you make the teleport.

Actually let me correct myself you CAN do accurate estimates where you can hit front or back based on the following; Can your hit them post wall splat at that range? If yes cross up, no you it’s an overhead. Actually with HKD ender you can do this from anywhere after the ender so you can do this mixup from just about anywhere if you can time stuff right. In neutral with instinct you can do a>they block it>pop instinct> dash j.hp and since the push back on block+character length varying you can either end up front or back.

Shadow Spirit Slice is a good way to get in and start a good combo but you need to be careful not to run into a projectile or a normal that is active. Orchid reaches for Grenade in neutral to cover her approach you shadow spirit slice (SSS) in, Glacius wants to shoot ice and doesn’t/can’t make it airtight SSS in, eyedol opts for a non shadow meteor SSS in, TJ wants to use powerline SSS in. Backdash is nice to use to force out whiffs.

Really wish she had a much better set of light normals.


I’ve been having a lot of success doing the “no mix up” mix up. Meaty orb and just sit there and watch them eat it with their face. It’s like people like to block forward against her by default.

But if you want tech: into light slash is basically an unblockable. The speed at which you have to switch blocking from one side to the other is simply unrealistic to expect from someone. You can’t get anything off it without instinct. But you can also late cancel into shadow rekka, the first hit will hit, hits two through four will whiff, if they quick stand they’ll be getting up into the fifth hit meaty which will out prioritize DPs, catch backdashes, and leave you +10 if they simply block. If they don’t quick rise then you have enough time to go for a mix up. Worth the meter? Probably not but still.


Is cr.LK into light slash a true blockstring? I would presume it is if cancelling into it, which would mean the spirit slice would be blocked in the original direction as you cannot make someone block the opposing direction in a true blockstring. In fact it you do a long true blockstring, they can even decide to hold forward rather than back and still block (although high low would still be a factor).

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It’s not a true blocking, there’s a one frame gap which forces you to actually switch block.

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This setup is actually not difficult to block at all. If the defender holds back or forward they will block it because shinko’s orz ender doesnt have enough advantage to hit fast enough to walk themselves out of the mixup.:confounded:

W8 did I just write wall splat ender>wall splat>dash and j.HP. I meant “wall splat ender>dash > and jump hp”. Probably won’t change much.