There's so much Killer instinct Season 3 Coverage!

Between Xbox posting the launch trailer on their site. Max posting it on his channel. Kotaku, Destructoid, Shoryuken, Neogaf. Season 3 looks like its everywhere! I hope with all this plus the pre-orders Season 3 sells like crazy.


Me too . The game deserves it … And so do the developers. Who would have thought back in 2013 when it was announced that DH of all studios would be bringing KI back , that it would turn out to be the absolute masterpiece that it is .


i hope so too (despite resetting our ranks), these guys work hard … assuming since highschool to college to professional AAA game developers

This makes me elated, the dev’s and players deserve to see this game grow.


I’ve been saying since the announcement back in August that Season 3 was going to really grow our community and the game’s exposure, and I think we’re seeing the start of it now.

Imagine how big it can get if the rest of the season’s content is as well received as the launch of S3, and if a lot more FGC pros do pick the game up; tournaments could be extremely hype this year.

We also have KI CON, more World Cups, and who knows what else. It’s a really good time to be a KI fan.

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I’m glad mainly because we will see a season 4 or possibly a ki4( hopefully rather than a season 4 with a new engine that can take advantage of the xbox one somewhat more now they know the hardware better) while ki probably always seemed like an easy sell doing it correctly was a whole other matter

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i think i remember the initial vision was seasons for the life of the X1, rather than a new game. may have been an offhand quote by Lobb or Spencer

They would do good to, if they make a new 4 on a new engine allow character transfer, unlike sf where you have to buy all your characters again, s annoying when they do that

Well, TB made a video I guess…

Hopefully with all the money IG are raking in they can add the missing stages ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

No but seriously, this is great to hear! The game is finally getting the recognition it deserves. All we need now is for reviewers to re-review it!

if they started all over with a fresh 4 then, like SF, you’d have to wait ages for your favorite character to reappear, which would slow adoption.

BUT, yeah… it seems like they’re already running into walls and having to do crazy workarounds, (lighting issues, lvl 4 ender issues, 900p issues), I think IG starting from a clean slate with no rush would result in a much more robust, polished product. But this may be a few years down the line before we get it