There's only one thing I'm hoping for from Tusk

And that is “Ask Uncle Tusk” as one of his unlockable fight titles.

Any die-hard fans of Rare from the late 90’s will probably know exactly what I’m talking about, but for the newer KI faithful, “Ask Uncle Tusk” was the official Rare website’s Tips section from mid '98 to early '01, where users could send e-mails to our favorite barbarian asking for help with Rare’s library of games, often with at least a few comments by Uncle Tusk himself at said user’s expense. It’s an incredibly minor detail, I admit, but it would be a neat send-up to KI’s legacy, and it would please the crotchety old farts like myself pining fruitlessly for the old days, you know?

Please make this happen, IG. :persevere:


OMG, I completely forgot about that one! XD
Would be a cool little throwback, indeed.

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Hey guys, I think this OP has a great idea!!! Any way you could make this happen???

I fully support this. It will be a way to identify old school fans online.

fun fact: the person behind uncle tusk was Leigh Loveday, Rareware employee and also responsible for writing the character backgrounds and the origin story of the original KI.


I’ll be honest: I didn’t know about this. Maybe not for launch, but we’ll look into adding something around it.

Maybe Tusk can take over Twitter for a day.


And all he will say is

  • “DAH!” if he agrees and
  • “DIIEEEH!” if he disagrees.



Uncle Sensei?


I never knew this. Someone should bring back Ask Uncle Tusk again

OMG please let this happen! Just like what happened with Cinder on the day of his release!

Maybe a Twitter account solely dedicated to Tusk could work, just like how Uncle Sensei was…

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Uncle Tusk claimed he was the only backfacing character because he did not want to witness the gamers faces LOL


Hey Uncle Tusk,

  1. How’d you get so buff? I mean, headchopping? Is that all? How many times a day and for how long?..I’m wondering cause I’m a guy, and my body looks closer to Kim Wu’s than yours Unckie.

Uncle Tusk replies:

  1. Not just headchopping (though headchopping is a speciality - learned it from playing Barbarian on the Spectrum). I also wrestle sharks, have fist fights with panthers and rub lard into my pecs whenever possible. Auntie Gertie taught me that. Come to think of it, Auntie Gertie taught me all of those.


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Auntie Gertie sounds like the badass Old Master we need. Do it IG, make Auntie Gertie!

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I read Rare’s website a lot back in the day, so I definitely remember Leigh Loveday interacting with the fans like this. I read all the columns when they were first posted. I back-read a few random questions just now and man, people asking about “future projects” like Donkey Kong 64 makes me feel so, so incredibly old.

Imagine showing someone from this era what Killer Instinct 3 eventually ended up being, and how blown their mind would be (after their internet spent 4 hours downloading the video file and their computer overheated trying to show the clip at high resolution, of course).


Wow, Tusk knows all those words. I thought he was to ancient for language. :smile:

I think about that too. If I saw this game back in the 90’s it would be overwhelming.

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Q: “3. Word on the street says that perhaps the next time we see you, you’ll be sporting a polygonistic 3D look…in KI 3D?..maybe? Is this game under development? Confirm? Deny?”

A: “3. Deny. DENY. How many times, man? Anyway, who says I’d come back for KI3? I’d only get set up against yet another incarnation of that bloody skeleton.”

Ahh, there you go uncle Tusk. Bloody skeleton is waiting.


So awesome lol

Yea I had no idea about this actually, I love it! Thanks for bringing this up! [quote=“TempusChaoti, post:5, topic:5220”]
Maybe not for launch, but we’ll look into adding something around it.
I hope so! Thanks for listening to the request!

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Shadow auntie Gertie!!!

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That would be awesome!

Cinder raiding the KI Twitter on his release was fun, and I’ve been dying for something like that again.

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