There REALLY should be some kind of password system to play crossplay with friends

Wishful thinking that matchmaking would match one with friend is really futile.

I have tried to connect with a friend from Russia, we were constantly dropped into some random people’s lobbies. It’s like roulette.

Seriously implementing crossplay to extend the player pool in random matchmaking by those 600 people who play Steam version (thanks M$ marketing), seems really damn pointless.

Whatever @developers are working on right now, implementing some kind of system to crossplay with speciic people should be priority imo.


It’s hard to argue against this point. I know he developers care greatly about the game and want to do everything in their power to make it successful. I’m sure they are just as disappointed as we are about this. But it seems at the very least like a missed opportunity. All the effort to port the game, implement cross play, test it etc. and then it is more or less useless just because people can’t actually find the players they want to play with.

I can’t imagine that anyone is sitting around saying “what would be nice would be to expand the pool of randoms I can have exhibition matches with .”