There is no reversal buffer on flip out

There seems theres a lot of misinformation about this, hearing people as good as nicki at guts say that you have to buffer a dp if you want to reversal against raam after flip outs.

This is false, at least as far as i’ve been able to test it. If you get flipped out and meaty command grabbed, you have 0 options that are not jump or block. An easy way to test if you’re decent at raam or really anybody who can easily meaty after a flip out, is to record the flip out a few times and just test yourself against it, as to avoid any human errors from mistimed meatys.

In the video you can watch the inputs to see that one frame before landing I press light punch, so even in st levels of strictness that should have given me a dp and beaten the meaty command grab, but it didnt.

TLDR/W: Stop trying to dp/backdash/instinct after a flip out. Unless they mess up their meaty its not gonna work.

@TheKeits please confirm I know ive been buggin you a while about this but it really would be nice to have an official confirmation or denial about this


ive been confused about this, too. i try to DP after flipout a lot, but cant get it consistently.

It certainly explains a lot about why flip outs feel so funky. Even without hard evidence I think a lot of people can point to times where they could say “but i dped/instinct/backdashed that” or just felt really awkward post flipout regardless of mixups.

Guess people don’t want to improve and learn new things…

The real question is if this is the case for all flipouts, or just raam’s.

@TheKeits for some insight/official response?