There is any specific order to do the story missions, or Shadow Lords mode?

Hi! I want to experience the story in the right order. The bad part is, there is a few characters i dont really care about, or they looks great, but simply not enjoying the gameplay with them. I guess the normal order for the story is:

  • Finish Season 1
  • Finish Season 2
  • Finish Shadow Lords.

Honestly i really want to try out Shadow Lords, but i dont want to go through every character’s story, only the ones i care about. Thats a problem, i will missing something if i skip a few story characters and jump to Shadow Lords?

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Hi there, and YES, if you want to see KI as the longtime fans did from Day One onward, I completely recommend playing through the story in order to see for yourself the in-game tension as the KI world braced itself for the event that gave us Shadow Lords.

Season 1 has 8 fighters, each with 3 different endings; one cannon, two not so much. They’re fun to play through, and if you’re not loving certain fighters, just breeze through it in easy mode for some insight into the interactions between characters and the setup for the future.

Just for giggles, here’s what triggers each ending:

A – Defeat your sixth opponent with an Ultra Combo

B – Defeat your sixth opponent with an Ultra Combo, but NOT the seventh!

C – Defeat your sixth opponent with an Ultra Combo on fighters six AND seven

Don’t feel pressured to unlock all three Season 1 endings for everyone if you aren’t into it, HOWEVER- if you have a favorite Season 1 fighter, you’re really missing out if you don’t do the following: Get all three endings for said fighter, then go back into story mode one more time on medium or harder, and make SURE that you finish off your sixth opponent with an Ultra Combo… You’ll thank me later. :wink:

As far as Season 2’s story mode, I totally recommend that you play them all in order; even if it’s not one of your favorite fighters, because there’s a ton of context that leads up to Shadow Lords here. Great stuff!

After that, go nuts with Shadow Lords with your three favorites, but if you want more story, don’t add Rash, RAAM, or Arbiter to your trio of fighters. They’re just guests in KI’s playground, so they don’t get KI lore.

I sincerely hope that helps! Have fun, and FIGHT ON!!!



Wow, thank you! Im definetly gonna finish most of the story modes. Which one is the cannon from the first season, its always different from character to character?
Season 2 has only one ending, but there is 3 challenge, thats only for the XP?

Just watch the Story ending on Youtube or something. Plenty of people create youtube videos with story mode ending in sequence. Search it and watch it!
Or put the difficulty on very easy and rip through them and watch the story endings. You should want to do that anyway as it unlocks the clips n the menu so you can watch again at anytime you wish!