There are Knock Off KI Figures

According to KZero

Click on tweet to see the image. The knock off looks identical to the real thing.

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If the knock offs don’t defect after a week of owning them and look as they should, sign me up.

Not cool…

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Actually, as a collecter, I like the knock off packaging a lot better. Minimalist and a window? Sign me up!

Why? Supporting talentless illegitimate people so they can continue to steal?

Ultimate Source often gives out discounts for their figures and you support a small business that is dedicated to KI.

Ultimate Source can give out discount after discount but having my bought products go limp in less than a year and a useless customer support is ridiculous. I know they’re new but it’s an inexcusable thing for figurines that are meant to decorate.

I could care less who makes them anymore, official company or no, I’m going to go where the superior version of the product is. It’s not morally correct but I expect my bought items to last.

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If they have non-raping shipping rates, sign me up as well.

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Yes, because knock-offs tend to be built with more quality than the original. Smh.

I admittedly am still frustrated with how they’ve handled with receiving payment. But overall I agree these mimics should get sent out the window out of a tall building.

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You missed a key word. If they’re not good, I’m steering clear. If they happen to be better than the original, I’m going for it.

Thanks, I mean here’s my point.

My figure has splotches of paint that look horrible, Jagos eyes are creepy and my Fulgore is leaning like a cholo.

But, I still think it’s infuriating to say, “hey, look knock-offs, something cheaper - hehe guess I’ll go with that!”. It’s people with that mentality who ran smaller business out of business.

Ultimate Source is small, you can’t expect them to instantly become a NECA with one shipment, have you seen NECAs first shipment for Gears? Parts broke off, painting was off and customer service refused to refund.

Look at NECA now, products are nearly flawless and have very detailed products for a very affordable price. For God sakes, these guys just started let’s give them a chance.

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Well, it looks like damn good knockoff from that picture. I’ve been waiting for a good price to buy that fulgore figure, due to living in the UK and shipping being outrageous. Sucks for anyone who got tricked by this, if any.

Maybe the knock off company can finally get the Spinal figure released kappa


Oh god, it HAS begun.

How is this legal

You should try suing or having legal action taken against someone in China and see how far you can get. :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said… the bootlegs box is 1000 times better than the original and actually looks like something I’d enjoy displaying on a shelf, where as the original just looks like an over-sized hulking box for a tiny figure. Ultimate Source should bootleg the bootlegers box design for wave 2.

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The bootlegs have a box window? Ouch. Collectors love box windows.

Yeah my fulgore is crap compared to my shadow jago he’s all flimsy with his rubber bendy blades n ■■■■. Not happy with him at all.

Weird, looks pretty good for a fake.

Edit: I take that back.

Looks like the same molds but definitely lacking paint apps.

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