Theme Criticism

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HISAKOOOO!!! HISAKOOOO!!! 10/10 would HISAKO again.

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I dont agree with how you went about posting it, but i do agree the theme blows.

No part of it stands out as interesting.

Theme songs used to be 50% of the hype surrounding the character. Mick Gordon would make sure every theme was new and unique. Atlas Plug and celldweller DID do a good job on most of the S3 themes, but they have flat-out stopped trying now. Each theme gets worse and worse, and more predictable.

They look at the character, and just throw in instruments that match. No creativity at all.

To top it all off, they dont even MIX the songs with any effort at all. I encourage everyone to go listen to the themes of other characters’ Ultra’s. Listen to Hisako’s Ultra on Jago’s theme, or Sabre’s theme, and THEN go listen to it on Shin Hisako’s theme. Everything is quieter, less punchy, less cohesive, and it makes NO effort to emphasize the hits.

I am 100% disappointed, and i hope we get new producers soon.

(Bonus round: Could you imagine them making TJ’s theme? Think about what that might sound like, and then think about how Mick’s version sounds. If your brain immediately thought about rock guitars, then you get the idea. Atlas Plug and Celldweller have the same formula that they use over and over again, while Mick makes tracks that no one ever heard before.)

[Final thought since i am REALLY butt-hurt about it: Can you sing Kilgores theme in your head right now? How about Shin Hisako’s {other than the HIIIIISAAAAAKOOOOO part}? Can you sing other S3 songs in your head? If you’re like me, you can sing most of S3’s songs, but you cant even begin to remember others. It’s almost like the music has gotten so bland that some characters dont even have a “theme” associated with them.]

I blow Hisako’s theme.

How now, brown cow?

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I agree with most of what you are saying but…I can sing Kilgores theme in my head right now.
duh duh duh duh…duh duh duh duh…
dah dah daaaahh
dah dah dah deeee

Its quite catchy and I like it! But I dont like Shinsakos… not even a little.

Kilgore theme is just “standard angry robot” metal.

No personality at all. It’s like if Jago’s theme was just a guitar riff with some Asian flutes over it. (Like Kim wu’s theme! :laughing: )

(But seriously, Kim’s theme is ok. It fits her, but not EVERY other character.)

Totally fine with a discussion around lack of appreciation for something, but like most things, delivery is key.