The worst pain you've ever felt (Physically)

Just a random topic to start, and I know it’s very odd but hey we’ve had odd topics before.

What are some of the physically painful momments you ever had in your life.

For me it would.
Spraining my knee in high school (Kept from going to school the next day)
Bumping my head on the corner of a cabinet door.
Getting a writing utensil dropped on my eye (The cause was an accident)
As a kid, stepping on a nail despite having shoes on. Got me right in my heel.

To name a few. What about you ladies and gentile men

Falling and scraping my elbow in the playground when I was 6. Stepping on a bunch of legos I forgot to clean up.


Ouch. That’s is painful.

My index finger got crushed in a sliding van door.

Nephew dropped 50 pound weight on my foot.

Face burned by black light.

I have chronic migraines… my life is pain. Other than that, once during a root canal the novecaine wore off. They asked if I wanted another dose, but it would take an extra 30 minutes. I asked them just to continue. Needless to say it hurt.


having my right hand diced up and losing a chunk of my finger. so much blood LOL


Dislocating my knee while playing basketball.Crushing my finger in a car door a year or two ago was a good one. But my favorite was trying to shave my thumb when I got a hold of my moms razor when I was 7.:disappointed_relieved:

Passing a kidney stone…it was literally more pain than my mind could comprehend.


■■■■!! can you still use that hand?

yup, it was my right hand luckily since im lefty. took a good month for it to heal up on top of the sprain i got on the same arm. it grew back, but you can see where i lost a piece if you see it closely enough. i didnt even go to a doc that day, just shambled to the restroom, dumped alcohol all over my hand and wrapped it up.

I had back surgery once without anesthesia. I was on vacation in Myrtle Beach, and I woke up one morning so sick I couldn’t move. Turns out, I had a cyst in my back that broke and I developed a staff infection.

The doctors didn’t want to put me out, so they put me on a bed that had a bar at the end to hold onto. They literally gave me wood to bite down on as they removed the cyst. Once they were done, and after a hefty dose of antibiotics, I felt like a million dollars. Couldn’t go in the water though, which sucked.

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Accidentally got bitten on my left ear by my own rottweiler at age 7.

Big brother punched my arm 15 times on my 15 year old birthday.


I fought with one jerk-classmate when I was fifteen, he pushed me and I hit wall with back of my head. Was not too painful but I almost went unconscious, it was weird.

I broke that ■■■■■■’s tooth tho.


Loosing a concrete footer going down a hill and it lands on my hand.

one time my finger got stuck in a dorr and some people put force to it and it broke my nail and i had to later take the nail out by my self and another time when i broke my knuckle when i punched a wall too much so there was a lot of blood

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Hey, I’ve done that too…no blood though…I did get a boxer’s fracture though. It ended up “bending” my pinky knuckle out a bit, and now I have a wider grip on that hand…so I guess it was a good break?

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Just to named a few:
Bitten a few times by a Chow Chow when I was a very young child.

Got hit in the crotch area by a soccer ball when I was in middle school.

Accidentally stepped on a protruded nail that went through the sole of my shoes.

Last year had a rather large AND heavy box fell onto my exposed big toe.

It’s Staph infection (the bacteria is Staphylococcus aureus). But yeah that sucks.

I had bursitis in my right shoulder for a year and any sudden movements would send flaming pain all through my arm. A couple of years ago I broke the other shoulder slipping on ice. It hurt bad but then I had to try to get up off the wet ground and limp back to the house and up two flights of stairs. Then like an idiot I sat down on the floor to get my wet clothes off and had to get back up again…

Prior to that I tore my right quadricep. I had been playing pickup football with a bunch of friends home from freshman year of college and then went to a dance with my girlfriend at her school. While helping set up decorations I went to kneel down and heard a loud pop and fell to the ground. I went to the college nurse who basically said “you hurt your leg.” Like an ■■■ I still went to the dance, danced gimpily for hours then went to stay at a friend of a friends house. While climbing the wet grass to get to the front door, managed to slip and fall trying to use my leg. It was painful… That was 20 years ago and the damn muscle still hurts in the cold.

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I have two instances, neither which are going to be described here, as they include homophobic assaults and rape.

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