The way I see potential Season 4

It would be “Epilogue” or “Aftermath”

It would revolve around Eagle wanting revenge on Ultratech after escaping them.

After victory over Gargos and Eyedol, Good Guys` animosities towards Ultratech would be back, their alliance broken into conflict again. Eagle would be main character, reuniting with Thunder, Orchid, TJ and few most important Good Guys to destroy Ultratech once and for all.

Season would consist 4 characters, among them would be Eagle and this Season main boss, I`d suggest some viciously-looking mech, that ARIA created.

What do u think?


Cool idea on the story!

Two comments:

  1. Framing it as an epilogue frames it as the final installment. That would be a shame
  2. If they only produce 4 characters, I would expect some other good content like no mercys. Just 4 characters would look extremely sparse after seasons 1-3.
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That’s sort of what I expect, as well. Even after we purge the world of Gargos and Eyedol, UltraTech still exists, and surely ARIA will make some other plan to push herself as the savior of Earth. Even if she decided “Y’know, maybe this whole ‘evolve or die’ thing isn’t working. I’m just gonna stop building dinosaurs and robots, maybe settle down and have a few kids…that I can’t physically have”, NO ONE will want to leave her alive. Not to mention that it seems like just about everyone who works with ARIA desires to overthrow her, which could create new villains.

Call it a really wild guess, but one of them could be Cinder, judging from the end of Chapter 6 of the KI Novella:

And then, for lack of anything better to do at the end of the world, he went and sat down on ARIA’s throne. “Hmm. Not quite as comfortable as I had always imagined,” he said to the empty chamber.

Plus, his Season 2 ending after he kills Sadira and realizes that ARIA might want him dead next sort of makes him seem like he’s ready to take her on. “You cannot stop the sun from rising” is the last line in the ending, which sort of makes me feel like he’s ready to take over UT as soon as he can kill ARIA.

There’s also the more logical guess in Kan-Ra. Okay, dude’s 0-2 when it comes to summoning creatures to help him control the world, but it’s only a matter of time until he makes a successful attempt and actually can raise a small army. Part of the reason we’re probably going to get more original characters themed around magic and the spiritual (as a guess from the KI poll) could be entirely because of stuff like his magic.

TLDR: After Gargos and Eyedol are defeated–and that’s even assuming that Eyedol is defeated in Season 3, we’ll have to see what happens to him in Shadow Lords–UltraTech still remains, and so does ARIA. And even if she gets defeated or can’t be a villain for whatever reason, there are still plenty of people who could make a grab for UltraTech’s power or betray everyone else.

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I say 4 characters, because 8 more seems to much for me, they would be uninspired and unnecessary story-wise.

Ultratech is only loose end in story after clash of Gargos and Eyedol, and imo this story arc does not have that much “meat” that Shadow Lords, hence I call it “Epilogue”.

4 characters is perfect number. There could be Eagle, new boss, one new character and one guest. No more needed.

It would be hard to create another intimidating main boss, after tough SOB`s like Gargos and Eyedol. Monster type is exhausted, so I suggest some Robocop 2-style of cyborg, like Fulgore on steroids. It fits Ultratech.

OR another dinosaur! But bigger than riptor, T-Rex caliber.

And I`d see it as last Season. Story is wrapped up, we would have 30 characters, a really big piece of content overall.

Say hello to the vampire coven and their big boss guy that turned Mira into a vampire and started the decay of the night watch.

What about Sadira’s sect, Kan-Ra might also still be on the loose, there are a lot of loose ends and story diections really…


Well it was said that any characters released after Shadow Lords would add new content to Shadow Lords, so maybe there won’t be a new story. Just additions to the current end-game mode.

What about the king in kanra’s story?

That too.

Don’t lose hope :slight_smile:

IG are really good at what they do, and in any fiction the sky is the limit for storytelling. The story could take entirely new directions after the Gargos/Eyedol showdown.

IG have also proven that they can defy expectations with character creation. Who saw the Rash announcement and thought “Definitely need Rash in my life?” Many of us thought Eyedol would be a bad inclusion, because he was dumb in classic KI and there didn’t seem to be room for him in the reboot’s story. Everyone expected Kim Wu, Tusk and Maya to be as awful as they were in classic KI2. Expectations defied every time. 8 characters is possible with this developer.

Kan Ra could easily just McGuffin in some more apocalypse bosses. No limits to KI’s story!

Kan Ra asks for some soup

Cthulhu comes out of the closet

Kan Ra: Oh noooo. Nnnnot again!

That’s our Kan Ra!

Tusk was awesome.

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Good guys on a revenge quest? Sounds very anti-hero, IMO.

I think that kan-ra should become the next main villain either in a new season or sequel. For example, while everyone is focused on defeating gargos and eyedol he could be out some where and have found some magical power source that enhanced his power to that of a shadow lord instead of trying to summon another monster only to get beat…again.

I never thought eyedol was dumb. Kim, tusk, and maya are also not awful In ki 2.

While I’m all for stopping the evil-side of UltraTech, I like this idea better, because Kan-Ra seems to me to always be that kind of villain that never seems to truly go away, even if he isn’t the most powerful that the heroes face - you know the type.

With that said, I wouldn’t mind learning more about the ancient Babylonian king in S4 either - there’s some potentially great material there…


Now this is an idea I can get behind.

ee, they are on revenge quest against Ultratech since 1994…

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I honestly think that orchid should call a plumber since she’s been trying to flush out ultratech for 22 years.

It`s silly for me when she tells about flushing out Ultratech after beating Gargos or Eyedol.

Like she gives 0 fks about interdimensional danger, and only thing she sees is UT, lol.

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When you hold a grudge for so long that nothing else matters lol