The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere - NO SPOILERS

Which is fine to be silly, bu the new season is beyond silly…so silly it isnt even funny. It has its moments…but overall so far… its just not as interesting.

WEST WORLD is the best series out right now!

For once I’m glad I had class, since I’m still spoiler free (mostly).

I want to see Westworld so, so bad. The original film was amazing, and was the Jurrassic Park before Jurassic Park.

I seriously want to see West World! Dude the trailer looked amazing

Well, here ya go then!

Me too!

I just finished S6 last night and finally met Negan and Lucille. [quote=Negan]“Well look at that, taking it like a champ!”[/quote]

That was chilling. I’m suffering just trying to figure out if I want to know who it is or wait it out. The problem is Netflix is notoriously slow with adding TWD’s new seasons. I probably won’t get to see S7 until S8…

You can probably find the episode online, maybe on the AMC website…
But looking online might reveal it if you aren’t careful, so it should be done with caution

Edit: Good news! It’s definitely on the AMC website, so you can avoid spoilers after all!


Negan is such a badess mudafuka.

He shut that ■■■■ down - no exceptions, a true man of his word.

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I can’t believe it! I can’t ■■■■■■■ believe it!!

Of all the people to spoil it for me!

…and to think I was careful too!

So, funny story…

My brother and I were watching TV when my dear old mother comes home. She asks us to record an episode of Blue Bloods that airs on Friday. So, we set it up on the DVR, and as she waits, she tells us about how Tom Selleck was on a talk show this morning, right alongside a guy with red hair and beard from The Walking Dead! Why else would that actor be on a talk show right after the S7 premiere!?

…and my mom doesn’t even watch the show! She is literally the last person I would’ve expected to hear a spoiler from!

Needless to say, my brother and I were mad, but we couldn’t help but laugh at the situation too despite being so upset because of our beloved mother’s innocent mistake…