The Wackiest Shadow Counter you've ever seen

So, @SonicDolphin117 and I were having a little brawl with friends.
During our Mira Mirror (lol) I decided to try something… Drastic.

I didn’t capitalize on it in the slightest,but I’m still ecstatic it actually (somehow) worked.


Whaaaa? Its cool to see it worked, but I’m unsure if anyone could replicate it if they tried. I can’t blame you for not capitalizing - that was bonkers.

I just realized you shadow countered shadow bats raw.

How tf did you do that LOL



I actually took it into the lab to see if I could recreate it, and I actually got somewhat consistent with it!
Though my intention was to catch a followup from the mist cross-up (I’ve seen enough of @UABass playing Mira to figure I should be on the lookout for that) I learned to do a new trick today!

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I love these ones. I do em’ all the time with ARIA’s, catches a many off guard and gives me free punishes.