The Ultratech Leak

I’m completely stumped as to how to complete this mission. It is four parts long and requires an Ultratech aligned character (ARIA, Fulgore, Riptor) to complete the mission. After the 3rd part is beaten and searching the base, I never find anything to bring me to the fourth mission. Anyone know how to get there? I have done this now with Aria and Riptor to no results.

JUST FIGURED IT OUT. During the second mission, choose to decript the signal, then complete the next mission and interrogate the soldiers to get the location or the base. Then go there and after defeating the mimics, choose to investigate the data bank or whatever and you’ll complete the mission and earn the most recently added secret achievement for dismantling the Umbran Millitia!


I completed this one during the Beta, and again after launch. It’s a fun little questline. :slight_smile: