The Ultra Edition of Season 2 is on Sale!

Grab it Here
Ps. It’s 67% off

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hmm, still 39.99 € for me.

You have to have gold

In before people start to complain that they paid full price and it’s not fair…

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LOL, Remember all of those ridiculous “Shadow Jago should never be available for purchase because I got the XBox Live card a year and a half ago” complainers?

Hmmmmmm. makes we wonder if color 10’s will be made available eventually. should I drop 50 bucks on a sweet fulgore skin? tempted as heck!

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It really depends on whether or not you have $50 and whether you think the figures are worth having. Like almost everything else in the world, it will be cheaper at some point in the future.

I dunno man. I feel the digital distribution really needs to evaluate its practices when compared to other goods. digital games are the only place where I can’t get a price adjustment when purchased before a sale. Some places can refund the difference between regular and sale price after 2 weeks. some places grant a while 30 days.

honestly it’s pretty anti consumer and alienates the people who buy these things on a whim only to find out 6 hours later there was a 70% off sale, but 1 and get 5 free deal.

I think it conditions people to only buy new or not at all.

I think this is a phrase that is getting played out due to overuse and inappropriate use. Listen, the problem with digital purchases is that they are ephemeral. If I buy a lawnmower and then return it the next day, then at least the store knows I don’t have the lawnmower anymore. If I buy digital content and read/play/listen to it, then say “nah I don’t want this anymore” and ask for my money back how are they supposed to deal with that?

I have on many occasions bought a physical item and then seen it go on sale not long after. I actually stood in a Target store on Cyber Monday and had someone at their customer service center tell me that they couldn’t match THEIR OWN online price for an item, because that was an online only discount and they weren’t doing any price matching of Cyber Monday sales. I could stand in their store, buy it on my phone, and set it to “pick up at store” if I wanted to stand around for an hour, but he couldn’t match the price if I just walked up to the counter. So I left the item with him and bought it from somewhere else.

Putting things on sale is not anti-consumer. If you say “well, bring it back within two weeks and we will match the price with a refund” then there will be a guy who bought it 15 days ago saying “hey! I got screwed!” That’s just life and it’s not unique to digital distribution.

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This is very reasonable, to an extent. If I purchase DLC or a full game digitally and it goes on sale a short time later, I do feel like I should be able to get a refund of sorts; even if it means the refund comes through as digital credit to be used later on rather than going back onto my card. Let’s use The Division for example, because that was my most recent purchase; I spent $60 on it, and if it goes on sale (say a week later) for $50 through the Ubisoft online store where I purchased it, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for the difference back in some way.

This obviously has a limitation, though, and I think it ought to be restricted to a difference of a week or so. I bought Season 2 before it launched, and I absolutely don’t deserve ANY kind of kickback now that it’s on sale nearly a year later.

I also don’t know what to do if someone buys a digital game and it goes free (like Games With Gold) a few days later; maybe in that case you only get part of the money back?

It’s a nice idea. But considering they couldn’t even sort out the “top up” model for purchasing the Combo Breaker pack if you already bought one or two characters, I just don’t see them being able to accomplish this. Every digital service that I’m aware of basically says “all sales are final.” Recently Steam has started giving refunds if the game is broken, but it’s a bit of a process to get your money back. They put things on crazy sale all the time and there is no “lowest price” guarantee.

I’m a big fan of Steam myself, I’ve bought TONS of stuff, sometimes games I will never even play, when they’re part of a package. I’ve used the Refund function twice; once when a game ran like absolute garbage on my PC (which blew it’s recommended settings out of the water) and once because the game was entirely different than advertised in the Store. I’m not saying every retailer HAS to do this, but I think it isn’t unreasonable for them to consider it. There are plenty of ways to cut back on the chances to over-use this, too.

It’s a bit different on a closed ecosystem, because MS knows the game will work on Xbox. But we’ll see what they do on the Windows Store.

Again though, no one is refunding the difference for a later sale price.

Not currently, no. I’m just saying it COULD be done. Will they ever choose to? Who knows.

ya that’s my thinking when I was referring to the whole games on sale debate. pipe dream and that’s all it is currently. but that doesn’t mean I have to accept that change will never happen, as you pointed out.

I’ve called Xbox live and got price adjustments and pretty quickly too.

we already have limited rights to our games. we license our games for play and don’t own them. No refunds or price adjustments. online checks when we own the plastic that says we can play. I’m just trying to provide contrast really. just talking to talk really.

I wish someone who actually knows could detail the cross-buy aspect of this game. It’s always just fans acting like they’re sure about how it works.

The FAQ says that "In order to access your existing Killer Instinct content on Windows 10, Xbox One owners must receive the Season 3 game update, available starting March 29, 2016."
It doesn’t talk about those of us who don’t have an XB1 at all but still want to “cross-buy(Xbox Store to Windows Store)” because of sales like this.

Hopefully this friday they can go over all the details alongside the pre-order stuff

This has actually been explained by the devs. The key words are existing - if you have progress in the game already on Xbox and you want it to carry over to PC, you need to do this. Otherwise you are good to go just starting it on PC.

Search the forums, the devs have answered this question.

We’re at the same situation that I mentioned in my first post, especially since progress and content aren’t synonyms.

So I looked this up and seems like you do need an XB1. These guys should be clear about this and correct people in the comments sections, twitter, etc.