"The Ultimate Montage" (All Ultimates 4K UHD)


Your body isn’t ready…

You’ll never see Ultimates the same way again! Don’t miss this insane KI montage!


Give us More ultima!!!


This was fantastic!


AWESOME! Wow… you did something that I didn’t think possible. You made TJ Combo’s Ultimate look good! :smiley:


If only everyone else had an ultimate


I totally agreed with you :100: like KI and KI Gold


That was pretty sick. A few of the ultimates are fairly mediocre but some are great. I’m a big fan of Jago and Tusks ultimate.

Wonder why they never went back to change Shadow Jagos ultimate. I remember back in the day that they intended for it to follow suite with the rest of the cast but I believe it still has a different input and the KV meter still shows on screen. No ultimate icon for Shago in the character select screen also.