The Tiger 🐯

So we got the video for the Tiger guardian.

Basically a reverse of the Watcher. Rather than breaking out of block, you get to crush their block. Awesome.


I still need a Killer Watcher.

They lowered the amount of gems you earn on Impossible missions, so now I’m struggling to buy the packs :frowning:

EDIT: I managed to get a Killer Watcher in the next Killer Pack I bought. But now I only have one Blue Tiger #ItNeverEnds

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They lowered the amount of gems you earn on Impossible missions

That’s kinda upsetting. Why are they taking away the reward from the Highest Risk missions?

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Nice. I had gems set aside for this pack. I was counting on a special pack. :slight_smile:

I dropped from 85,000 gems to 35,000 trying to get the damn Killer Watcher.

The reward for completing Impossible missions on Godlike is like 200 max for one character fights. It used to be almost 1000.


Sounds pretty awesome to me, hopefully I can get enough gems to get that pack.

Man these guardians are getting really interesting. I am guessing that down the line, there will be a guardian that allows for auto tech throw or OTG’s.

Wondeing if they might use this mechanic with a new character… :slight_smile:

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I like how that busted ■■■ Thunder mimic skin made it past quality control when making that video.

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You can almost hear the market whisper “buy KI Gold, grinding is for suckers”

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I watched the video in my mobile the first time, and had to double check to notice that it was a mimic XD

Just normal Thunder with ■■■■ clouds.

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Makes you thiiiinkkk!!!

They really need to up the rewards for gems in this game! Also one guardian left and like it was mentioned I bet it has do with throws.

You used to get a ton pre-patch. Now they are significantly toned down. I am sitting at 13k gems so I can buy a Killer pack, but at this rate I won’t get it any time soon. Especially if skeleton chests are bugged.

Yeah I really hope they buff it back up. I see little reason to play Godlike now.

The only reason I’m playing it is because it’s currently the only difficulty I’m physically able to play…

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Same, though I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my progress. I’ve actually managed to get rid of the Omens and resurrect Eyedol.

Still wish it gave higher rewards, though. I got a ton of goodies in my Normal runs. This Godlike run doesn’t feel too special.

What actually changes in Godlike? Just difficulty of the AI? Does it do anything fundamentally different than other difficulty levels like increasing corruption on turns or failed mission?

AI is much harder and harder missions come up faster.