The thought process of Eyedol players

I don’t understand this character or the way people use him. He seems to be more or less all over the place most of the time; depending on what stance he’s in of course. I personally find him a bit tricky to deal with. I could sit & block all day long, but that wouldn’t necessary get me anywhere. I just find that he’s + more often than not on most of his attacks. I still find him to be just as annoying as he was before the patch. J. HP was never too big of an issue for me. Once I realized there was nothing I could to to combat it, I just blocked until he did something stupid. So, where is the opening? . . . Is there a thought process to his play style ?.. What should I be on the lookout for? I don’t feel that people have to really think about what they’re doing when they’re using him. It’s kind of like people just do “stuff”… Help.

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You do realize they nerfed the J.HP, right? It’s not +6 on the way up anymore.

As far as I know, the only plus move Eyedol has is the heavy club special, which is +1.

Yea, I’m not necessarily complaining about this. I’m just trying to understand where the window is to punish him.

thats not true at all. of the the top my head I know cr. mp is +2.

Hears some help basically everything can be shadow counter easily.

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Post-patch, I’ve been able to pressure him with jabs on block, after he does the j.HP.

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Hence “As far as I know”

oops my apologies.

His is +4 on block. and both of his st. heavies are either 0 or +1 If I recall. His most negative normal is his then his His sweep is safer then his :laughing:

from my experience when fighting Eyedol or playing him one word sums up all situations: ADAPTABLITY.

Because he randomly switches depending on what you are doing, you have to adapt to him as he plays out. This applies to both individuals: If he’s a mage and you have a rushdown approach if you can and try to keep him close if he’s a warrior and you’re a zoner, keep him away.

Though it’s not simple I can understand that but being able to take advantage of that is a good way to win no matter what camp you’re in in this situation.

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I believe Eyedol’s kick normals are sub par because they are available in both forms. Giving him rushdown normals in Mage from Kicks would break him. Although his St Hk is always good it is still a heavy and slow. I’ve only dabbled in him recently and, due to the changes on some of his mage stuff, he seems to go from bulldog to chihuahua very fast in a match. His warrior form is awesome and seems to take the cake vs his mage form. Unless you get the space his mage form needs, you can become helpless. Specially if someone knows the only ways mage can escape pressure.

I just find it funny that a light attack is safer then a sweep. You’d think it would be the opposite.

Logic says yea but, character variety and builds changes everything.