The Thinking Rock

So, I started thinking about a simple question - just how smart is Aganos?

We know he’s sentient, so he has a sense of self, and we know that he has the ability to communicate simple ideas effectively, so he’s smarter than an animal, but just how smart is he?

Do you think he’s a rather simple-minded, but lovable bruiser, due to his overall nature, or do you think he’s a masterful strategist having been through, and survived, so many battles over the ages? What’s your take on our gentle giant?

How smart do you think he is?

I think he is as smart as a normal human but he was limited by his creator rules. After he decided to set himself free of his bonds and limitation rules seems he will be able to learn more but he is made with ancient magic so i really doubt that he can expand his knowledge too far.

He is definitely intelligent. Since he was released, he has:
-Survived alone during centuries, which, considering his appearance, means he avoided conflict with humans and other monsters
-Pursued Kan-Ra durint around 1000 years. The sorcerer is cunning and intelligent, and managed to escape him several times, and Aganos catch him up every time. Looking at his accesories, both have chinese, so maybe even they fought on china. Aganos even managed to pursue Kan-ra past the ocean.
-Identified both Maya and Thunder as allies, and managed to communicate with them

Imo it’s intelligent

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I’m not asking whether or not he is intelligent; I’m asking HOW intelligent is he (although I think you’ve largely made your case)?

While you have made some good points, they can (somewhat) be countered.

  • he could’ve survived simply by being dormant or well hidden for a great deal of time.
  • he could have a magical connection to the sorceror somehow, perhaps with that jewel in his head.
  • he doesn’t breath and is solid rock, meaning that crossing the ocean, even at deep pressures shouldn’t be too hard for him, just time consuming.

The biggest point you made (and 1 I anticipated) is where he makes an alliance with Thunder and Maya. That’s a big sign of being really intelligent, since it shows understanding and the ability to communicate (we already know he uses a primitive form of sign based on his own intro cinematic).

Here’s an interesting question - do you think he knows how to read?

That’s a good question. I feel like he obviously has to have some sort of intelligence to be able to fight efficiently. It’s possible but I feel like surviving in the KIU on pure instinct alone would be hard, I imagine he thinks/calculates and makes decisions while in battle, though I admit I have nothing to support that at this point.

Plus if he can communicate to the point of joining up with Thunder he has to have a form of intelligence. If I had to guess, I would say he is smart enough to understand basic " human " concepts and ideas due to things you guys have mentioned but I doubt he is ARIA smart.

Intelligence has a wide range. I mean I don’t see him creating fulgores or using alchemy. If I had to guess, his smarts in general probably hover around the average range.

If I make a list in terms of intelligence (overall not specific parts) probably go something like this

“I am able to self improve at alarming speeds”




“the average joes”


"I have no idea what’s going on I’m just here"

"Am I cool yet? Because I like to try really hard, but I end up falling my face"

"I Serve…ME!!!"

Now I could basically lump kan-ra, glacius and ARIA together (maybe gargos aswell) because each of them has a specific field they understand best in.

That’s my guess anyway from the information gathered, viewed and thought over a few times.

True, being dormant tell us nothing, but:
Aganos is not an animal or a programed robot. He has free will, but not natural instincts (pun not intented xD). If he hides himself its because he is self aware of his nature, and he knows that he would be hunted if he is not stealthy. Without the natural instinct of an animal, this means he rely on his intelligence to be unnoticed. [quote=“GalacticGeek, post:4, topic:14281”]

  • he doesn’t breath and is solid rock, meaning that crossing the ocean, even at deep pressures shouldn’t be too hard for him, just time consuming

I have to disagree. Deep pressures would just destroy most of his body. Its already damaged due time and fights, and deep pressure would be worst. Either he avoided being at that profundity using a boat or similar, or he avoided deeper profundity walking around (north asia/north europe, north pole…)

IMO he is intelligent enough, he can communicate, knows how to threat, knows grief, knows how to burden someone, so at least he is normal human intelligent.

There are no hints about him knowing how to read, nice question. My guess is good as yours, but I’m going to say that yes, he knows how to read

Changing it up a bit, which intelligence(s) of Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory do you think mostly applies to the golem?

Visual-spacing, bodily-kinesthesic, interpersonal, naturalistic, existential, intrapersonal

Surely he also has logic–mathematical at some extent, but probably less than these ones.

Aganos mission was to hunt and stop kan-ra but, looking at both chars way of battle, do you guys think he have the tools to do it without intelligence? Only brute force do not seems enough to fulfill this task.