The super secret S3 information ransom plan. Keep out, devs!

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So as you all know, Season 3 will be out in a few short months (it’s stupid, but I never thought I would feel like we were getting close!) and we are all anxiously awaiting the big updates on the new characters, mechanics and everything else which will come when S3 hits.

I think it’s time for us to all come together as a community to enact a super secret plan to get one of the devs to reveal as much as we can get out of them, and I’ve totally made sure that nobody will ever see this before we are ready by telling the devs to keep out of the thread!

What we need to do is get our hands on one of them while they’re coming back from a lunch or coffee run, then poke them with sticks until IG and MS have to tell us everything!

I think maybe we ought to start with @rukizzel, it should be easy to nab him while he’s “moderating the comunity,” whatever that means!

-----In all seriousness, I’m really excited for Season 3, and I’m looking forward to learning more about the future of my favorite fighting game. In case it wasn’t clear, this entire thread is intended to be a comedic jest, and in no way threatening to anyone on the development team!


Well I mean there are hints and anecdotes dropped all the time. Not to mention the little bits of information we drop in the weekly stories!

Pick on me all you want, but I’ll never tell! Well, I will tell, when it is time to tell. I can say that right now, though, our focus is a bit more shadowy.


Oh, believe me, I spend a good amount of time contemplating what the hints mean!

I’m really just excited for the new season, and looking forward to the trailers and streams I suspect we’ll be seeing as we get closer to March. You guys have created something which is really important to me, and I’m always looking for new stuff!

Like I said, all in fun. I was hoping for more of our members to plot out our various schemes to discover the hidden secrets of Season 3, like ■■■■ Dastardly and Muttley…

Oh ok I will hide then. Plan away!

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I saw that hint you dropped. Haha. See guys? We didn’t even need to poke him with sticks to reveal information!

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Then can we torture them? : D

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It’s ok, we can make them reveal all of their secrets. All we have to do is threaten to ban Aganos and Omen from tournaments! MUA HA HA! (ironically, those are my mains)
and as for tourture, we can still press B to make Isac eat trader Joe’s Broccoli :wink:

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Please reveal to us the final AND official concept art/conceptual design of Kim Wu right about now :wink: :smile:

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The ultimate plan is really going undercover. One of us has to get hired by Microsoft or Iron Galaxy and then gain their trust… Then suddenly mysteriously unreleased plans surface on the forums! :wink:


Lol at this post. :smile::smile::smile:

@rukizzel we will get ur trainers… for ransom!

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…but if we did, could we get EVEN MORE info out of them? :sweat_smile:


Take Rukizzels shoes hostage and hang them over a pot full of ink :wink:

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[quote=“SPINALDOOD, post:12, topic:2909”]
Take Rukizzels shoes hostage and hang them over a pot full of ink :wink:
[/quote]…but what if they’re black shoes?

who says it has to be black ink? :smiling_imp:

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Maybe we just start tying his shoelaces together and then lure him through a giant, lifesize version of the board game Mousetrap. We just need someone with an engineering background to plan the blueprints…

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I’ve been meaning to try some of my interrogating techniques on someone…


Don’t mess with me. Give me Season 3 info

GIMME. That is me demanding information. This is me if you leak the information.

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Unfortunatly I am too busy laughing too damn hard a the thread to post anything relevant. good luck on you.