The story Behind Mizumi Han

Continuing the discussion from New Character Idea Moveset: here is a bit more information on Mizumi Han

Mizumi Han is a very close friend to Kim Wu, she was trained as a Dragon guardian whose job is to protect the next Dragon wielder, so she felt like she could show her best friend how strong she has gotten. Deep down she didn’t want what happened to her Mother’s friend happened to Kim Wu. She wields the fans called the Arcane Twin Tessen, her weapon was passed down for generations. For years, She and Kim wu fought together as if they were sisters, always looking out for each other.

One Day Mizumi fell in and Kim wu went to her aid protecting her to keep her best friend alive. This not only gave Mizumi a new light to her, but made her feel like she was truly close to the dragon warrior. Alas, it wasn’t long before they ran into a very dark Shadow jago corrupted by gargos, they were able to subdue him and both agreed to work together to stop gargos and bring him to his knees. Mizumi however felt nervous and scared not knowing what type of evil gargos brings. This showed Kim Wu that she would have to keep Mizumi by her side. they set themselves up to go and both made a vow to take gargos down and save the world, they set off to find others who share the same goal and readies themselves for the fight of their lives.

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