The state of Killer Instinct now

Let me just make things clear before i get into this topic of mine. I Love this game! I’ve been playing ever since I got my Xbox one. It has loads of great qualities of a fighting game I would be interested in. Gameplay mechanics based on combos? Yes please! Great Net code? Yes please! Playing as a VELOCIRAPTOR??? Hell yes! This game has everything I’ve ever wanted, but it feels unfinished… This is something I wanted to bring up for anyone else who’s listening. (Hopefully Maximilian dood or anyone else in the development team) Anyways here’s a list of main problems I have with the game after so many years of development.

(1) Season 3 Character stages
Season 3 has a lot of great characters and it certainly doesn’t pull any punches with the music, but there’s a serious lack of stages for certain characters. I mean there are the other stages that act like they would be that specific characters stage, but it usually belongs to a different character. (For Example) Mira doesn’t have a stage. So the only optional stage that was set for the Survive game mode was Sabrewulf’s stage. I know technically they both belong there, but even Arbiter gets his own stage and he’s just a Guest Character. Guests like Rash and General RAAM don’t get their own stage. I don’t really know how hard it is to make the stages for this game, but to me it seems pretty hard.

(2) Beta Ultimates
I know the Ultimates in this game are still a work in progress, but my god! I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with how they look. Some are animated well while others have a weird execution, but one things for sure they all have one major flaw! So we know that in order to do an Ultimate you first have to input an Ultra combo. What Happens when you do an Ultra combo you ask? The stage starts acting crazy and things get destroyed in the background while the ground shakes. This feature has had a major affect on the Ultimates. In fact its super clear when you preform an Ultimate on TJ Combo’s stage Downtown Demolition. When the train comes by and crashes in plain site it shines its head lights on the characters fighting. The Astral Plane stage is the only stage that doesn’t do this sort of thing. Mean while we have other stages that shake and make crashing noises during an Ultimate finisher. This is super annoying and I hope someone in the development team fixes this.

VVV Speaking of Ultimates VVV

(3) Shadow Jago’s Ultimate
Shadow Jago is pretty much the one character that invented the Ultimate combo ever since the game launched. Its also the only Ultimate in the game that you can activate during a fight. The other fighters Ultamates have a rule to only be used during an Ultra Combo. Shadow Jago on the other hand, Can just DO IT! He can just activate the Ultimate whenever he wants. Why doesn’t he get the same treatment as the other characters? Maybe its still a work in progress, but I’m just saying. It bothers me so much.

(4) Ranked matches Menu screen
This one doesn’t bother me too much, but a lot of people have probably also noticed. When season 3 came out the Menu screen was given an Upgrade from Season 2’s dark red and navy blue like color scheme to the new jade green and dark purple. This new color scheme didn’t quite make the cut for the Ranked mach menu. Its still has the Season 2 color scheme. Again this doesn’t bother me too much, but even when other players notice i’m sure some are going to be bothered by it.

(5) Season 3 Graphical upgrade
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it when games try and make their games look better with a simple update, but this one doesn’t feel like an upgrade. Like sometimes when i see the character Intros and victory animations the lighting seems off. Sometimes Jago’s eyes look red and sometimes the veins from his muscles pop out way too clearly. I don’t know. Maybe its just me. If anyone else feels the same way lemme know.

(6) Eagle’s Eagle
Eagle’s Bird (Eagle/Spirit Animal/ Whatever you wanna call it) stays with him and doesn’t disappear when Eagle is K.O’d and it stays when Eagle gets caught in an Ultimate. It’s just there to create weird animation glitches. Even in Eagle’s Victory Animation its noticeable that the eagle flies the wrong way and all you see is a flying arrow. I’m sure that other players have also noticed this.

So yeah. That’s pretty much all the problems I could find. If anyone in the development team is reading this please consider fixing these if possible.


Sorry man, hate to break it to you but there will be nothing done for this game as development has been completed. The game as it stands now is the final product.


The rules for Shadow Jago’s ultimate are the same as everyone else’s (he just inputs it with QCF + LP + LK, rather than ultra followed by LP + LK).

Are you talking about the raging demon-like thing he can do during his instinct? This is just a special high damage command throw. It doesn’t share the properties of an Ultimate (for example, it doesn’t end the match immediately and it can be avoided), even though it might animate similarly to an Ultimate.