The Sprite Style of Gaming


As an artist and a writer this doesn’t concern me as much but:

I love the sprite/pixel style of video games!

Notable favorites:
Final Fantasy 6

Shovel Knight

Pokemon R/B

To the point of this topic: Is this style declining these years?

I want to say yes because nowadays people prefer 3d graphics over a bunch a pixels.
While I understand that… I don’t want this specific graphic design choice to die out either… But then again There are plenty of indie developers using the pixel style in their games like:

Cave story



Mad props.

But I still don’t think it’s enough for the style to make a comeback… Which makes me sad because I wanted to have a personal future in game design with this style.

But then again! I could be wrong!

So… Do you guys know if this Sprite style / pixel art style of video games is declining, is it making a comeback… or did it never leave to begin with?

Honestly I hate it back in the day it was the best they can do but now it just looks embarrassing in comparison with what we are capable of now.

If you want a non realistic more simplistic looking game style there are much better alternatives
Ori and the Blind Forrest, Borderlands and Might No9 to name just a few.

I… Don’t think like that.

Outdated? Yes. Embarrassing? I don’t think so.

Don’t get me wrong I love allot of the classic sprite games just like I love the classic 60’s Godzilla films but if they made the new Godzilla film with a man in a rubber costume it would be a laughing stock, there are some things meant to be left in the past.

there’s always going to be indie games that use that. If you game on PC then it seams someone on Steam is always churning out sprite games. Your own post cites games that have been released relatively recently, I don’t see the pattern ending. But major studios probably won’t go back to it.

Well… As Long as someone keeps the style running I’ll be happy… I think.

Very interesting analogy. Mad props.


Let’s say I develop a sprite/ff6/chrono trigger styled game that wouldn’t release until let’s say… 2018. Would it be considered a laughing stock for it’s time?

just use rpgmaker. It has a sizeable following on steam, and the more heart you put into the story and game, the better it’ll be reviewed.

all these games I’m guessing were made with the software, based on what the reviewers can recognize. build games get money

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Gonna try it. Thanks.

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Some spritework is indeed cool, but some of the examples above wouldn’t be considered as good if it wasn’t for the game it’s in. For example, alot of the spritework in Undertale is very underwhelming and looks amateur’ish, but the game is AMAZING which just works well with the spritework! Standing alone though, the spritework looks rather dull, imo. But due to the game experience, it is forgivable and just gives it a certain charm.