The Replay and Analysis Thread


I use OBS, but I record at a lower quality to keep performance up and video size down. The SG/US connections feel dodgy enough as is sometimes, so I’m afraid to have too much running that may also affect performance.


There’s a Killer-ranked Riptor that I get matched with a lot who has been griefing me in Ranked since I moved to the X1/Win10 pool. He used to just stomp me mercilessly, so I made a goal that, eventually, I would overcome his experience and good MU and win. I’ve watched him end our matches with less and less health over time. Today, I patiently dealt with his fire breath and finally got him 2-0 with over half a lifebar left each time.

Thanks @STORM179 and @s0undy44 for the advice/encouragement and, additionally, @Cabp15 for facing me multiple times in Ranked and giving feedback right after.


FT10 set with @LetalisVenator’s Raam and Aganos.

I have to work on adapting quicker to opponent’s buttons choices and cadences. Stomp is strong in the Aganos fight, and I should have put away my sweep a game or two after he’d shown willingness to low-crush over it. Some execution stuff was also definitely lacking, particularly for attempted round start influences :sweat:


The only thing that I saw, especially early on is an over eagerness to parry. :wink: It seemed to wiff more than connect… Still watching the vid though. It’s tough to choose a side though as you and @LetalisVenator are two my most favorite people to watch in KI. :joy_cat:


Haha. Yeah, if I whiff something in front of someone my first reaction is usually to counter. Ideally I’m supposed to move from there to stealing turns back (as the opponent starts to wait to bait it), but again, definitely not adjusting as quickly as I should there.


I can see what you mean by cadence. The amount of times he managed to land counter hits was way up there when he played Raam, even some with Aganos.

I do have a question. A lot of times if Letalis hit you with a jump normal, you’d lockout immediately after. Are you trying to do something or you just don’t like catching jump ins?

I do like a lot of times at that 3/4 screen range where he tried to chunk up as Aganos, you snapped with something to not let him have that for free.

At 31:30, seemed like you offered Letalis a couple more break points than necessary. You took the round, though. Probably just chalk it up to heat of the moment, I think.

Kinda jarring to see the game stutter for a second when it’s deciding what to to when full wrath heavies contact armored normals that launch on hit.

Not one backdash out of Storm. I think that’s just how you play, but interesting to note nonetheless.

I feel like I saw Letalis lean on lights after opener a lot between both Aganos and Raam.

Twice with Aganos, I saw Letalis build up his ender levels after the round ended but let the combos drop in favor of getting just a single chunk. I figure he didn’t want to have too many chunk going for the payload ender as my best guess? Or maybe to just purely burn Storms instinct?

Overall, great set though!


I lock out in those situations for different reasons. If it’s a late button on the jump-in the lockout is often me thinking the jump was gonna be empty and attempting to tech throw. If I’ve got instinct, it’s usually me trying to pop it at the last second to see the mixup or attack (this is pretty easy to do offline, but online I’m often too late).

Nah, I wanted him dead then and there and didn’t think cashout would kill so extended the combo. I thought I needed level 3 at least for the shadow to kill, so just extended the combo to that point and then used it.

Haha. Have you seen Hisako’s backdash? :joy: She doesn’t even begin moving backwards until after her backdash invincibility is gone. I think the Thunder MU is the only fight where I ever intentionally backdash as Sako. More to the point though, backdash won’t help against Raam, and against Aganos there’s no point. I’m super unafraid of anything Aganos can do to me on wakeup.

Aganos really doesn’t want to be over-chunked against Hisako. She can’t strip them anyway, so having 1 chunk is basically the same as having 4. Every chunk slows his normals though, and as you can see I’m always trying to clip his sweep on startup to get going in neutral. The slower he is, the easier it is for my HP to tag him while he’s trying to maintain spacing. Two chunks is fine (Aganos is hosed if he’s chunkless so the extra safety is nice), but anything above that is going to work against him. @LetalisVenator can correct me on his thinking there if I’m wrong, but that’s my read of chunks versus Hisako.


Honestly in season 3 i cant really think of an mu where aganos wants to be fully stocked on armor. I rarely even go for 3 unless im confident i can set up an instant kill combo. You dont want your buttons to be slower as it just makes it easier for someone to challenge you. If i ever end up with 4 chunks ill shed it almost immediately.


Even characters with excellent backdashes dont want to do it too much vs raam or aganos. Has one of the 3 worst in the game outside aganos and glacius.


Aganos level 1 pulverize ender gives him the longest hkd. So ill go for that one over the others usually. Raam probably has the strongest one chance damage in the game. With kryll stacked he can get over 40% off a level 1 and will typically get around 33ish. Plus light stab makes it a little harder for people to be ready for a throw reset.


I will go to bat that Hisako’s backdash is easily worse than Glacius’. His lasts a touch longer, but at least the big snowcone actually moves when he does it :joy:


I make that comment each time I see Sako backdash.

“Might as well lean your chin forward with all those frames”


Jokes aside, I was thinking about trying to add in backdashing as a defensive maneuver; sounds like I shouldn’t bother (as Sako)