The prolonged grind was worth it, I'd say

I’ve reached Killer tier now… It’s taken a while, but Here’s the proof and promo match footage, text boxes and all

I’ve got a few ideas of what I want to do with this footage but won’t say anything about those plans currently.


Congrats on finally reaching AND achieving the Killer tier rank


Hope you are able to do it again in the future!

Grats on reaching Killer Rank, Sightless! I’m slowly but surely climbing the Gold Ladder to catch up. 231/1000 so far. :grin:

237/1000 here, lol

I’ve been given some hope. I’ve come across at least one “killer” who was actually wildly incompetent. I got 80 free points off of a Sabrewulf who did nothing but one strength for autos, openers, linkers, and even breakers. I think he might have been hitting buttons.

Again congratulations to sightless!

Well, take advantage. There is nothing else you “cam” do if that happens, right? (and yes, the spelling is on purpose)

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But yeah, back at @SightlessKombat . Nice work on making it to Killer. Doing all while blind? Double the kickass!

Damn. That is awesome. Killer ranked while blindfolded? Why hasn’t Killer Instinct done an interview with you yet? It needs to happen.

Not blindfolded. Actually blind.

Oh yeah of course, does he wear a blindfold because he is blind?

Why would someone wear a blindfold if they are blind?

Kenshi does. That is why. Just a thought anway. Good job Sightless.


The purpose of a blindfold is to blind someone who can actually see. People who are blind just don’t have no reason to wear one unless they’re actually physically missing both of their eyes.

Congrats @SightlessKombat. That’s super impressive :grin:

Sweet! Welcome to the Killers club. :grin:

You DO have both of your eyes, don’t you @SightlessKombat?

Thanks everyone for the congratulations and support that you’ve given as a community and continue to give other players. At least now I can go achievement hunting with the other characters and not have to worry about winning or losing in terms of how it affects my Gold tier status and the impact it would’ve had on my getting to Killer :

As for whether I have both of my eyes, an odd question, but I understand the point he’s trying to make by saying about Kenshi (I think at least). To answer, yes I do have both of my eyes.

Also, for those who want to watch the promo match with the in-game soundtrack and a slightly louder announcer, here’s the match with audio tweaks, courtesy of fight Archive

For the record, I had 8 wins and 2 losses in my last ten matches after winning that fight against that Jago.

As an interesting side note, when you all post, your names show up differently to what I’d expect (they dont’ show your gamertags in the emails I get to notify me). How did you change this and does mine still show my gamertag? I’m guessing it does… - just wondering.

Thanks again for all the congratulations etc, much appreciated. It’s been a long hard road, but at least if they reset the ranks there’s proof now that I can do it if i work at it.

Also, I got a tweet from Jebailey, I believe he’s @GoogleMyName on here, congratulating me on my success. If that’s not encouraging in KI, I don’t know what is.

Also, for those who want to see a Killer insight segment featuring me, it’s on the cards, though I can’t say when it’ll happen.

I look forward to fighting under my new rank for the foreseeable future.


Congrats man! Keep up the good work! Would definitely love a killer insight with you too. Anywho. :+1: