The Preferred Energy Drink of the Ultra Comboo Forums Community?

I’m sat enjoying a well earned day off from work, I have a can of Monster Energy and a can of Red Bull…

I’m a Monster guy at heart, always have been and always will be.

My question you to, the forum, is what is your preferred energy drink ? or if you don’t partake in the consumption of energy drink, what’s your favourite drink to have when gaming ??

Red Bull

Shot of Red Bull with a dose of Airborne tablet…every morning for me.

Diet sunkist

and afther i feel i drink to much coffee then i drink some beer.
why not.

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Redbull here too.

Red Bull For Me…

Sprite is love. Sprite is life.

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I have not drinken spirte in forever…But I heard good things about it :slightly_smiling:

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Diet Coke, Beer or Whisky.

i only drink water when i play KI, i know i am boring like that lol


These are my favorite along with 5 Hour Energy, but I really like Red Bull too.

ANY beverages for me here including sodas/soft drinks and coffee as well as, of course, water :slightly_smiling:

Iced black coffee. No sugar just straight coffee. Drink about 4-6 cups and get a root a toot toot skooted off that magic juice.

Also, recently I started drinking Real Gold (by coca cola) here in Japan…

Oh yeah…for those interested…

Not a member of the KI club, but I wonder if poongko mixes something with that Red Bull, lol.



I’m trying to break away from a Red Bull addiction. Not really going well, haha. It’s just too godlike.

But during or before matches, Red Bull is not really great for me. I tend to get stressed out and mess up my execution. I also drink a lot of coffee during the day at the office. At night the caffeine is still active.

There were times were I drank like, 4 or 5 cans of Redd Bull a day. The effects then were actually pretty good. Just don’t play right after you take the shot.

Coffee. Plain black coffee.

Hot coffee with cream. How much cream? Halle Berry circa Swordfish. When ordering coffee at a cafe, that’s what I tell the barista. I dont have to tell myself how I like my coffee.

But I should probably switch to water when gaming, a little before. Might help my terribad nerves.

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