The Predator aka Predator 4: All-New Predator Movie

Can’t wait for and SO looking forward also to the all-new Predator movie, The Predator aka Predator 4, that is arriving AND releasing two years from now in February 2018 :grinning: :smiley: :sunglasses:


So…whose gona star in it this time I wonder.

And there’s even the possibility that Arnold Schwarzenegger HIMSELF may star in the upcoming Predator sequel either in a supporting role or in a cameo appearance in the new Predator movie :wink: :slight_smile:

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Did anyone see the Predator short film last year? Its on youtube and its really good! Predator Dark ages or something like that. Check it out!


i need to see that film!

also we’re gonna get the guy from NARCOS who was the american DEA guy as the lead for the new predator movie apparently. benicio del toro wouldve been absolutely amazing but hes too busy so his schedule would not allow it.

information ive learned is that it is a sequel, and not its own story. the jungle incident 30 years ago will be mentioned where schaefer’s team got wiped out! so we’ll see how it goes.

also, its confirmed to be rated-R! thank god