The only multiplayer mode I can play is the ranked mode?

Can’t play other multiplayer modes such as non ranked or shadow lords.
So ranked mode automatically searches for other players.
However besides ranked mode, it will make me choose qualified or killer level and on
then I won’t get any players.
Maybe it’s just that nobody plays non ranked or shadow lords ?
I think it be fun to play shadow lords in multiplayer though.
Like besides me, I would have 2 more party members. So some will be good and some will be newcomers.
I think the current multiplayer shadow lords is about fighting each other. And I’ve been told multiplayer shadow lords is dead.

Anybody know if killer instinct multiplayer finds players all around the world or just who are closer to you ?

Nothing wrong with Exhibition… are you on WiFi or ethernet line from modem to Xbox? Or PC?

I can’t connect to any multiplayer at all. Ranked, exhibition, and Shadow Lords… none of them work. It’s been this way for the last 24 hours for me, and if the posts on Reddit and Twitter are anything to go by, it’s not just me that’s having this happen right now :confused:

Taking minutes to find an unranked . Literally just crashed at load up screen , on Xbox

Not strange this has happened before when the Dragon Ball game beta was available…The beta is out again, and then KI multi has trouble.

If this is the reason I hope KI survives this fanservice game which tbh, looks wonderful no doubt, but I’m not interested :confused:

I use pc , keyboard.