The One Who Stripped TJ's Title

Okay so TJ was on top of his game, number one fighter in the whole world, until someone stripped him of his title, humiliating him enough to make him consider getting augmented. But who stripped him of his title? Who was good enough to last three rounds with TJ and BEAT him fair and square? I’d actually like to see this character appear in season 4 if there is indeed going to be a season 4. Maybe he’s some kickboxer or some other martial artist that TJ didn’t know how to deal with. Maybe some fighter that ‘juices up’ during fights (activating instinct) that made TJ feel he needed a cheat to counter his cheat.

I dunno what kind of moves this character would have yet, but I’d like to see the guy that beat TJ become a canonical character.


What if Tusk was the one who took him down, at least in his wrestler uniform. Turnbuckle sword beats fists any day…

In all seriousness, this could be an interesting addition, already provides story and a rival since him and TJ have a history, maybe a Chuck Noris looking character perhaps? I’d even be down for a wrestling character, kinda like Beowulf from SkullGirls, maybe minus the chair.

A character similar to Rocky Balboa, TJ is Apollo lol


Wasn’t it Fulgore?

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To be fair, after the super serum UltraTech gave T.J. this guy probably doesn’t compare any more, but none the less I love the idea.
But he needs his own gimmick though, right now he’s just “guy who beat T.J.” and T.J. is already the “normal guy” of the cast.

I think the Coven is going to be expanded on in season 4, since their all Russain I think it would be cool if T.J’s rival was more like Ivan Drago, but instead of experimental steroids he’s hopped up on Vampire juice.
I dunno, vampire boxer jus sounds neat to me and of course T.J. already has a Blade outfit so his rival becoming a vampire just kinda works.


Its simple it was none other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon.