The "One Night Stand" Thread

I love grinding out Killer Instinct late at night, but often it feels “lonely”.

No one really talks in ranked, you rarely ever actually “meet” someone, and you cant really single out the “type” of player you want to play with.

This Thread is for Nightly meetings between us here on the forums. To truly have some community in Killer Instinct. To find Lab Partners, To play certain matchups, To make new friends, to find “shadows” friends, Or just to find players of certain skill level. Low-tier players can ask for help or “training sessions” from some willing top-tier players. Or you can find some similarly skilled players to scrim with and learn from each other. And hopefully all of this can be done without the “GRRR, IM GUNNA KICK YOUR A** AND RANK UP” attitude.

Just come here, type who you are looking for, and any other details you wish, and wait for a response.

But dont just abuse the “finding players” aspect! Be willing to volunteer time to help others in the lab, teach, or provide your character knowledge to others to help them learn matchups.

To get things started. here is my “post” for tonight:

I am a mid-tier player, but with very low tier in game-time. I am almost killer rank, but only play Omen (because ive only played for a little while). There are a few characters ive never fought with as Omen before, so i would like some mid-to-high tier scrims with some thunders, fulgores, TJs, Hisakos, cinders, aganos’s, and a couple others. Since i dont have very many Killer Instinct playing friends, i would really like to meet a few, so im willing to play with ANYONE who just wants to talk and have fun. any skill level.

As my method of contributing “to” the thread, i would be willing to answer any posts from Gold tier players who cant seem to get off of “0” points. (ive heard it called “being stuck in ‘Gold H*LL’”)
I can teach about footsies, a little frame data, and how to NOT get punished everytime you through out a special move.

So i hope this thread helps bring everyone together, but if it doesnt, thats fine too. Ill just have to find all of you in ranked :smile:

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Want a Fulgore? My Fugbot says Hi!!!

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Id love it! Getting to finally meet you would be worth getting my butt kicked. do you have a mic or kinect?

I have a mic and Kinect. My kinect is locked somewhere that I lost though and I have no clue how to get my mic to work. I got smartglass so I can message pretty fast. Give me a few minutes and sure.

GT: Mr xFlutterShy

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If you are available tonight, We can play a little bit.
I will give you an idea of How online play works, tell you how to beat different types of people, and show you a couple of things to practice that will set you apart from everyone else in ranked.
Im not killer yet, but ive been through every other rank, AND i spent about 3 months playing with a roommate, who i watched get to killer rank in a VERY different way than me, so i am pretty good at “profiling” people.

Feel free to leave a time and your Gamertag. Ill be on tonight.

Shame no one wants to participate in this. Oh well, ill give it one more go.

Anyone out there want to play some matches? Today has been a strange day, so im not looking for anyone specific, Just want to play with someone to make the night more eventful than the day was. I will be on for about 2 hours, unless im having fun.

GT posted earlier

Well to be honest, I skipped over this thread a bunch of times just because the thread title was so…unique. There are a lot of people in other threads who are more than happy to play and work on different MU’s. I’d recommend the forum battle or the GG’s threads.

I’m a Hisako/Sadira player. Feel free to add me and shoot me an invite if you see me on.

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I can’t participate until tomorrow night, since I work nights, but I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. That, and I just got my first fightstick. So I’m practicing that instead of using the gamepad.

I’m playing like a complete noob atm, and I can barely get DPs, qcf, and qcb to come out. I’ll be Riptor for the most part though.

Im already signed up for the next forum battles. But who is GG?

Also, i know the thread title is odd, and i WAS afraid it would cause concern, but it just fit SO perfectly. Sure there are tournaments, and forum battles, but there arent any QUICK ways to meet new players. So i figured making a thread for immediate ask->response requests was needed. And most people play at night, so i had to think “What is a good title for a thread about quick nightly meetups?”

(also, will send you a friend request!)

GG’s thread? It is a thread to say GG’s to players and a place to find fights

Thats fine! This isnt really a “schedule” type thread, so timing isnt an issue. But i cant PROMISE i will be here tomorrow.

please do link.

If i have mistakenly duplicated another thread, i will apologize and move myself over there.

Just edited my post, because I forgot to mention my new fightstick.

Actually, i also have a fightstick that i cant use properly yet. we can practice together. its perfect!

Apologies. Should have read “the GG’s thread”. It’s in the general discussion page, with several hundred replies in it. I’ve set up matches there on more than one occasion.

The "GGs" Thread! (AKA The Enormous Matchmaking and Rational Beef Resolution Thread) Here is the thread.

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Ah, i See.


Seems ive once again made a thread that already exists.

Man, im not very good at this whole “foruming” thing.
This thread has been flagged for deletion. I will be more careful next time. See you guys on the GG thread!