The Old Shadow move vfx

Does anyone else miss the old animation that played when you did shadow moves in KI? Back in season 1/2. I’d love to have an option to switch back and forth between them. It’s not a dislike of the new but the old one was so damn cool. I’m a sucker for the afterimage effect.


I miss them, too. I liked how they were black like actual shadows. The purple is pretty stylish, but the afterimage effect was too cool.


I much prefer the new purple shadows personally. If anything I wish we could get the season one menus back. Clean and simple. Much better than the background video that plays now which lags every time you click on something.

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Yeah I’m not 100% fan of the moving video. Again, the season 3 menus are all stylish and cool but I wish it could be smoothed for performance issues.

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I honestly really liked the afterimage smoke effect in S1& 2, and I get why they changed it, but I honestly wish they would make it a toggle that we could have it either way, just keep the purple as default.

I mean it’s not like they switched announcers in S3 and told us the old one doesn’t line up with their vision going forward… we still have options there. Same with the L4 enders.


I preferred the S1 and 2 shadow animation as well. I only started playing in Season 3, but I have been watching other people play KI2013 since it’s release and I was pretty disappointed when they changed the shadow move animation. Recently found an xbone at my local Target set up for demos with S2 on it and it only reaffirmed my longing for the old animation

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The purple one should have some adjustments, it’s like too saturated…Not that great with certain colors and characters. And the visual effects in this game are maybe a little too much. I prefer a “cleaner” screen too see what on Earth is going on. Sometimes I just miss the breaks because of certain characters being hard to see! (eg: Retro Cinder grey color specially fired up)

I’m not a Hisako player but I will say that Hisako’s moves looked especially cool with the old FX. I also just like the old FX for how they reminded me of KI1’s FX

Made a post featuring something like this.

I completely agree. Yeah they were switched because of the lore but come on now, it should have been left changeable like the announcers, motion blur etc.

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Lore? What in the lore states why Shadows are purple now?

Shadow energy is purple according to the devs. I think there might be more to it but I forgot (the return of gargos?).

I think the idea was supposed to be like everyone was using all this shadow energy, and it was somehow being channeled by Gargos to make him strong enough to open a portal that he could pass through. So they wanted a unified look to make it seem like they were all inadvertently feeding into it.

The only comparison I can think of is Unicron from Transformers where in some versions of their multiverse lore (Armada, I believe) he feeds off the hostility between the Autobots and Decepticons and somehow uses it to get stronger.

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I much prefer the old shadows as well.

Especially blue shadow meter as opposed to purple. It is really hard to see how much shadow meter you have on darker stages (well, to be honest, on any stage). The purple is just really a poor choice there. No other game I can think of has dark colored meters with a dark divider between segments of that meter for a reason.


Yup. At least for a compromise, make the meter be blue and when a stock fills, it turns purple or vice versa. Purple shadows…it just sounds weird. Shadows that are purple…the old shadows work well better with the stage.

To be honest I think this would look pretty garish. Blue and purple put together like that wouldn’t look that good, I don’t think.

But yes, there needs to be much clearer indication when you have built one shadow meter (the meter does flash white, but it is really subtle and hard to see out of the corner of your eye). But really, the main problem is that it is almost impossible to see the difference between, say, 50% of one stock built and 75% of one stock. The dark purple color really blends well with the dark brown/black floors of virtually every stage and there is just no accurate way to visually separate what’s going on. That’s the main reason the light blue meter was so much better (and why virtually every single meter I can think of, in every game, is either yellow, white, or light blue).