The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #3 thread

Quick question, @WeddedOx1116077 did you recently change your username? I don’t recognize it.

Also @MDMMORNING I just finished the tutorial. I hope you can follow it, but it should at least get you started:

I added it to the OP as well.


He’s in my team :joy:

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Oh snap! Good lookin’ out!

Up until now I’ve just thought of you as “Wrath” but henceforth thou shalt be known as… “Tim”.

For real though, that’s way easier than I thought it’d be. Thanks a bunch!

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Also Fun Fact: I share the same name as the puppeteer for Admiral Akbar in Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

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Ok, I’m tired of Gears of Sponges 4 XD (friends won’t let me drop it though)

So, ft3 (always) and report results here? we have to arrange the best time to play with the other player during that week, right? And character lock unless losing.


Yes ma’am, you are correct.

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Signed up! … I want potato…

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Signed up. @PVT1AORyanBay @PVXenoraptor

For Psycho Vipers!


Now watch one of us fight another PV in Round 1


you only play a match once a week? thats a REALLY long tournament for the 36 slots you have.

No I didn’t.

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@BROAtA I’m honoring my word. Don’t forget to sign up.

To be honest that is a minimum. You can play your matches as soon as they come up, but yeah it can potentially take quite a while. It’s the trade-off for being flexible. It’s not for everybody. The tournament is primarialy for those of us that can’t participate in other tournaments because hectic schedules won’t allow to block off a solid 5+ hours on a weekend. If you want to sign up, go right ahead. If not…same answer. *shrug… It is what it is.

I will say this, the first tournament ended what? 2…maybe 3 weeks early? The second one I’m wanting to say maybe a week early. So unless everyone in the tournament drags their heels, yes it could potentially run about 12 weeks, but if the previous 2 tournaments are any indication it’ll end early.


Jump in Zero! It’s fun. Plus, If you have a busy schedule, this helps. :thumbsup:

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Haha :joy:
At least you got to play, I couldn’t connect to Horde all weekend because of some stupid server issue.

Thanks for the tag @Dayv0 , Signed up and ready to go!


I signed up.

I’ve been trying to make sure I’m participating in online tournaments for the sake of getting my name out there and/or learning about the game better, so I’m excited! See you guys on the 3rd.

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I just thought of a video presentation idea, showing off everyone’s skills in a small video of this tournament series. @WrathOfFulgore

I guess we have time to do it, that’s if you’re up for the idea.

I also understand some people don’t want to share off their tech, that’s fine. But there’s at least gotta be SOME people that would :joy:

Gears of Sponges? I don’t get it, meaning it takes too many shots to down someone? Sorry, just heard this term the other day and want to know what it means. :stuck_out_tongue:

@framciscapra aka SE1Z3

I apologize to whomever my opponent(s) may end up being, but I’m gonna be lacking a little XBone hardware come Round One, so I’ll be playing on PC, where I’m a little limited in options before it starts lagging to hell, and I found out yesterday after following @WrathOfFulgore’s lovely tutorial vid that my PC is not up to spec for recording clips (the app just gives me a bugger off notification)… so, whomever you may be (bracket says @KevBones10 now, but subject to change of course), I apologize in advance for making you play on a stage you probably didn’t want to and placing the burden of recording on you.

And in some of our cases (coughmycasecough) their total lack thereof!

I have considered doing a video introduction for the start of the tournament. For me it’d be an issue of compiling all the video to get a decent sampling of previous tournament highlights. If I were doing it as people were posting videos and I was just grabbing a clip at a time, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But even for a 3 min video I’d have to be pouring over hours of footage to find some of the best moments. Video editing can be a very time-consuming process. And frankly, I don’t want to do it. But now that you mention it, I might do just that for the next tournament (#4) as I could capture highlights as they occur.

As far as just giving a sample of my own gameplay, @thunderb3e and myself just recorded us sparring a bit.
…my Gargos is kinda lacking due to focusing on Omen & Mira for the last 2 RCT tournaments. :confused: