The Official "Let's Make Top 32" Thread

Just as the title says, this is the thread where everybody who has not yet wants to come and declare their mission to reach top 32 on the KI ranked leaderboards. The hunt for that #1 spot and a pro star every month is the hardest thing in this game (besides facing boss Shago on Ultimate difficulty - potentially shadow lords gargos but it hasnt released so that’s pending as of now). I personally (DulXboxOne), am declaring i’m in the hunt to get Top 32. I also want the nice shinny pro star that a couple of forum members have already.

I spoke about this with @R1stormrider , we figured in order to up our game we needed to push ourselves to the top class of KI players.

I know, this is going to take a lot of commitment and time but i’m willing to put in that work because I love this game so much. I hope more of you guys are willing to take the challenge with me. :slight_smile:


Good positive thread! I wish the best of luck to those who do the grind. If I had more time on my hands I would.


I’ve tried, but getting married, work, and preparing to leave to the Military takes up all your time.
Just trying to have some fun before I leave. Good luck to all of you on your grind. :sunglasses:


What are the benefits of doing this?

The benefit is just the sole purpose of achieving a goal, and leveling up your game. I too declare that I will try for top 32 even with my hectic work schedule. Even if I do not make it, know that anyone else trying has my support and encouragement! Good hunting to all who embark on this venture, let’s get it done!


Eh, I’ll pass.

Tried this once; got as close as the #95 spot. I will think on it for a bit.


Nobody forcing anyone to try. Pass if you must, and good luck to you all the same

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Pride and a pro star. That’s basically it. I can throw in a lapdance if that’s what you’re into :wink:


I can totally run with that joke but it’d be a massive derail and lead to infractions prolly hahaha

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Is that it?, Yeah, I’ll pass. I thought there was something like “you need x amountof points ot need to be top 32 to attend certain tournies and what not.”

No this isn’t ran by anyone. Just a personal thing.

Dont you qualify for the KI Cup if you make top 32? Or you get points towards it? Or something like that.

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I actually support this pretty strongly for the guys that want to do it. While it’s a decent amount of grind, the fact of the matter is that you actually can learn a lot by grinding in this manner. Being exposed to and observant of dozens of different styles is a really good experience, and a pretty great way to get to test out strategies and counters for things on the fly. I found the slog to be a bit tedious, but in all honesty I can say that I learned an awful lot and got to work on a variety of different strategies by doing it.

So best of luck to everyone who goes for it, and have fun and level up :slight_smile::thumbsup:


Well if you’re going to try it might as well go for it now with all the eyedol noobs giving away free points.

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Want to play a set sometime?

Getting to top 32 is a good experience if you are not already a pro in the game imo, you learn to respond to your opponent’s play style and his patterns on the fly, which is pretty important. Just a tip though, the way I did it I played from the middle of the month everyday, I find to be less stressful than to try getting to the top from day 1. Just a tip :wink:

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I’ve been wanting to do this myself. I was going to start this month but I got a bit distracted leveling some characters up to 50. I may wait another or so as well…with so much new stuff coming out like Eyedol & Shadow Lords I may hold out a bit. But sometime soon…sometime soon…

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As much as I’d want to do this, I know I can, I just don’t have the time. The grind is very time consuming and requires constant hours on KI. If I had the time I would totally do it but it would surely ware on me as well.

I support anyone who makes that climb, but I’ll stay short of top 100 as my personal best.

Good luck my dudes!

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As a note, you don’t actually have to play all month. To get my star, I didn’t start playing until the last 10 days of May. And depending on how good you are, it can take more or less games to get up there. I played 300 some odd games for my star, and did well enough in them that I wound up in 9th place for the month.

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