The Noble, the General and the King

From kan-ra’s story:

“His hubris led him to orchestrate a conspiracy against his monarch that involved a wealthy noble, a general, a bandit, and himself. The King, much wiser than the conspirators, was well prepared for this betrayal. He used all the powers at his disposal and the darkest magicks he could conjure to curse each of the four, damning them with unique punishments.”

The bandit is spinal. What if the wealthy noble, the general and the king are new characters? I think the general in kanra’s story is eyedol, possibly once human but transformed/cursed by the king. Tusk could possibly be either the general or the noble… or is he the king. I’m assuming the king is good since kan ra (who is evil) tried to kill him, unless both are evil.

Also, I have a feeling that tusk is the noble. Check out his gearpunk accessory set. A noble is basically a rich person:

Doesn’t he seem a bit like a wealthy noble?

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…nope…thats not the type of clothes a noble would wear… disregarding the hat rich people from any era wouldnt wear a bare chested sleeveless shirt. its a nice thought but tusk isnt babylonian

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Maybe he traveled to babylon, and kan ra’s story doesn’t specify the nationality or race of the noble.

nobles especially in the old times are almost always born into nobility. though. back then caste systems were rigid and there was no moving up the social ladder…yeah.

The general was raam…


Delete your post before dev see this… D:

But then we’d be talking about two different games (franchises) here.

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Do you think he’s probably the king and doesn’t remember?

it could happen…