The multiplayer system seems bad?

Besides ranked league, everything is dead ? None of them I’d get any players.
Besides rarely I do for lobby mode. So few still play lobby mode.
Shadow lords , none. Never had a player.

And the only possible multiplayer mode ranked leagues is also bugged.

I qualified as bronze. But I see more Killer ranked players with maxed out levels.
(I know level has nothing to do with skill, it’s the ranked as killer.)

So it really is strange. How I get way too much TOP ranked players who should be playing
to win the tournament.
When I am already Ranked as “Bronze” The lowest of all ranks.
It really discourages me to play multiplayer since the only multiplayer mode is also bugged.
Since it’s ranked mode, don’t think there should be an option to change to only lower ranks,
ranked always is about matching to same ranked players.

I would understand if I wasn’t qualified as any rank yet. But I’m already ranked as bronze.
So why do I get killer ranked players ? None of other multiplayer video games does this.

I do sometimes get players who are new or similar to me. But that’s just 30~40% of the time.

I don’t think it was just a letter written as “Killer” and not the qualified rank since
they were really good. Most of the time level maxed.
At least I’m sure those players should be at least higher than bronze
no matter what. Like silver or gold. at least. Or else no place for new players.

The system is built so it searches for someone of your level, but if doesn’t find anyone soon, pairs you with another avaible rival.

If you want to play against bronze players, I recomend you exibition, using filtres to search only bronze/silver/whatever players.

Shadow lords multiplayer is more a “play with a friend” that “play against random enemies” mode

I have similar experiences with exhibition. Wanted to train my Mira, but I need to wait REALLY long before I find someone, and they usually play one or two matches, tbag and leave. Smh.

Where are you located? Are you on Wifi? Is your Xbox set to NAT Open? Or NAT low or Mid? You may need to set up port forwarding and get your NAT open.

Use the search filters in exhibition and remove Silver, Gold and Killer tiers from your search parameters. For some odd reason low tier players NEVER do this and then complain (no offense)
I play Exhibition way more than ranked and I never have an issue finding a match.

No one plays Shadow Lords multiplayer so no need in even trying that.

If you arent ready for ranked I suggest not playing ranked. Its really competitive and can be discouraging very quickly if you are not ready.

If you have read my post , you would know I was talking about ranked league mode.

I know there is a way to limit up to what ranks on other modes.

And for what odd reason would you know that only low tier players never do it ?
Well, if this did happen a lot, that means because they are new.

Also for an odd reason, YOU oddly didn’t know Jago is a COMPLETELY FREE character
for all modes, including shadow lords, ranked league, single, multiplayer.
But you said it isn’t. (No offense) lol I didn’t pay a single penny for this game.

Was Jago not a free character when killerinstinct released ?

Ranked is not to win torunaments, it’s just to play for online points and there are players that like playing that over anything else so you will come across them. Anyone can play a tourney and eventually someone better will beat you out of it.

If you want ranked online you kind of need to play decently ot at least catch the feeling of the game. If you want to play like “smelling flowers” then it won’t happen, SPECIALLY in a fighting game. Even other games have this.

Maybe Jago is not your character…

Completely agree with you @MaruMDQ

Honestly @Doubletailsfox if you’re just looking for a more relaxed less competitive mode, you should focus on Exhibition. You can control the types of players you’ll be facing, and as losing doesn’t affect any of your states, you don’t have to worry. You can simply focus on enjoying yourself and leveling up your game.

I always take new characters in Exhibition before ranked.

Understand this, Ranked his a highly competitive mode, so don’t expect mercy there.


No need for an attitude…trying to help you…guess that’s out the window now. Good luck