The MU against aganos

I swear I hate this match. I might add a video soon. As a glacius player, I seem to struggle the most against aganos. Any tips on what I can do in this MU?

Send him :bouquet: in advance to soften him up :roll_eyes:

Seriously though, maybe GalacticGeek can help you, he knows Aganos well…

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I remember being scared of Aganos when I used to play Glacius as well. There’s no clean way for Glacius to get rid of lots of armor stacks (slow moves).

I think shadow cold shoulder chips away all of his armor. Might be a good trade (meter for armor) considering what Aganos has to go through in order to restack.

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Anytime Aganos grabs a chunk, it’s a free Shadow Shatter. Every time.

The best place Aganos wants the match up to be is mid screen, which meshes well more in line with Glacius, were the alien can play more at various ranges. Play the priority footsie game and use your long range pokes, as well as fierce normal attacks into special opener cancels to get combo opportunities. Like in most match ups, keeping hail out and mixing up shatter, hails are a good way to remove armor.

This is a match up where Glacius, in my opinion, hardly has a reason to go airborne for fuzzy guard as it’s an opportunity for Aganos to either

a.) low fierce anti air (which beats every jumping normal when the hit boxes clash)
b.) recapture Shadow Natural Disaster

Anytime you try a blocked lance into a hail, Aganos gets a free ruin to punish you as it has too much start up.


Stay far away and use shatter to get rid of his armor. When they’re all gone get in close and do a lot of poking attacks. Assume he will jump to get close also, so jump kick a lot. And throw him a lot too.

When he has shadow meter, don’t do any shadow shatter.

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Ok but friend u forgot something, shatter and hails takes 3 years to show up and the move is so unsafe cause hes too slow glacius.

You’re speaking from a neutral stance. I’m suggesting from knockdown and if Aganos is more mid to full screen with no meter.

If Aganos has a bar, and any form of reactions, test pulling out hail a couple times, and if they react, adjust. If not, you’re good.