The low chance of MvC coming back is even lower?

We all know how MvC is not currently possible right now due to Capcom not having the rights. Now Marvel made thier own “fighting” game(not really). Now it is reaching the point where they are ripping off street fighter moves. The fact that the game is extrenely successful decreases the chance of MvC. Plus this copying moves? Really Marvel and Disney,really? Oh and shock you Kaboom

Marvel vs Disney? No, gooby plis.

How about Marvel vs Star Wars since Disney owns both properties and it contains 2 of the biggest cinematic franchises of all time it would sell like hot cakes on next gen consoles and PC.

Or you know they could make it a horrible mobile game because they are greedy. Plus they made a few star wars and marvel mobile games.

That Is BLATANT Copying. But I doubt that Capcom can do anything. Even if it is a copy. It’s like saying if they patented the Shoryuken, No one else in the world can use it, so we wouldn’t have someone like Jago & Fulgore’s Iconic moves. It’s an animation. I don’t think you can patent animations.

It just isn’t right though:( Copying a whole super? They need to stop using the ancient art of copying. 2 ripoofs. Not just one.

I know, but in terms of legality, animations really can’t be patented. I know content can, like the whole Crazy Taxi being copied by The Simpsons: Road Rage, but CoC doesn’t play exactly like SF.

I know, I’ve played it. It’s similar to Mobile Injustice. So since it doesn’t PLAY like Street Fighter, it probably will go on scott-free…