The Killer Instinct Community Guide: An Update

To those who don’t know what the Killer Instinct Community Guide is, Here’s the original thread, which contains my outlines as I’d originally thought it up or near enough.

Elements of the guide have changed Now, I thought I’d update the community as to what the KICG is currently and what still needs to be done.


Before, the guide's entire structure was contained in a single page file, thus making it difficult to adjust or change. Whilst this problem, to an extent, still exists, that is because of the wealth of information I've received since I started (though the guide is far from complete), as well as the amount of new features/changes that have come along since season 3.

I solved the problem of structure by splitting everything down into single files. So now, when a member of the community sends me a suggestion or a piece of text, changes shouldn’t be as difficult unless of course it involves cleaning up/editing large amounts of existing content.


For now, at least until IG says otherwise, we know how many stages are in the game. This made my task of getting the stage templates finished a little easier.

Menus and the character select screen

The menus haven't changed much (asside from a few extra options in the options menu). However, the character select screen has undergone a rather drastic restructuring as well as the stage select screen. Consequently, I now have to figure out how best to document the new stage select screen within the guide.

So. How can you help?

Whether you're a pc player who's just come into the game, or believe yourself to be a master of every one of the game's intricate mechanics and systems, there's almost certainly something you can help with. Even if it's just finding a typo or several that most likely exist with the guide, that's invaluable.

What I'm looking to finish, or at least fill out to start with

  • Characters
  • There's a bunch of information that needs to be added in with regards to character's special moves, strategies, tactics, setups, etc. There is a possibility that I've not put info in that has previously been contributed in other places and if you feel your info has been missed, feel free to repost it to get my attention on it again (this guide is a large scale project so I could've easily missed it).

    Though there is not a heading for it currently, it would be easy enough to add in the ultra descriptions for each character as they are all unique (even though they are just varying numbers of hits they all have their own style to them, I hink some would agree).

  • Stages
  • I’ve wanted to get the stages at the very least started for a long time and anyone who is willing to help with conveying the various atmospheres of each location is most welcome. As I said, with the current stance IG have taken, we probably won’t see any stages for a good while yet.

  • Menus
  • There are, undoubtedly, holes in the menu-related information that I've put together with the help of @RGLOfficial. Any help on expanding this would greatly benefit those who wish to look into other aspects of the game like taunts etc to buy them (even if you're visually impaired/blind you might want to make your profile stand out online for example).
  • Dojo Lessons
  • This section was originally going to be covered by @Ziarist, but due to an unfortunate set of circumstances the original lesson transcriptions, which had taken considerable time, were lost. However, that’s not to say that all is lost. Anyone who can help transcribe these lessons, including @Ziarist, is welcome to help in what will be a difficult undertaking.

  • Story Text
  • With the various story modes in Seasons 1 and 2, there were large amounts of text that were not narrated or transcribed in an accessible format for someone like myself who has no sight whatsoever. I feel that having this information all in one place would allow for others to be better included in speculation surrounding the endings and interludes from season 1 and 2 content.

    Please note that content may have been missed, suggestions for future expansions are welcome as well

This guide is a work in progress and is updated as and when I can work on it. You can find the test version, including a notice stating as such, here:
Killer Instinct Community Guide Test Version

If you have any relatedquestions to ask as well, please feel free to post them here and I’ll answer what I can.

I hope that as a community we can pull this together and make this guide the most accessible and complete guide for KI, not just for the visually impaired (though that is the primary audience) but anyone to work with. No, it won’t have any of Infil’s flashy tools or additional coded elements (though they might be linked to as Infil has given me permission to do so). However, I hope, it will provide information that, if you are a gamer with no sight like myself, is very hard, if not impossible to find that is of great aesthetic value at the very least (stage descriptions or information) and potentially can improve your game no end (move information/strategies).

Let’s see if we can all pull together and help in the creation of the Killer Instinct Community guide, a resource that, I hope, everyone can take advantage of regardless of sight.

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I got Fulgore done. Now who do you want me to work on next? Sabrewulf,Thunder,Riptor,Jago,Shadow Jago,or Aria?

Thanks for being the first to reply. Did we ever solve the issue of the S3 changes and their iplementation into Fulgore’s section? If you’ve already written those out, I can work on that but if not we can collaborate and get that sorted first. Then you could perhaps move on to Jago’s normals and the various frames etc for his specials as parts of that have already been started (though I can’t remember if they’re in the guid currently - I’ll have to check).

Oh that. I will work on it.

Cool. As usual, let me know if you have any questions on formatting etc.