The Killer Hour Schedule

I will use this thread any time I intend to stream to let people know when I’m doing stuff. I will be streaming at this address

I will be streaming RAAM in ranked tomorrow 9/6 at around 4pm EST

Darn, I’ll be in class… :frowning:

Um, eastern time?

yes, eastern (hence the EST)

Well then double-darn! :frowning:

Twitch streams are for the “Artwork and Videos” section.

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there, moved to artwork

will be streaming in roughly 2 hours, be there or be square.

might be pushed back 30 min or so, something came up.

up and running

Hey, will be streaming ranked in about 2 hours (4pm EST) for about an hour (a KILLER HOUR). I will be using mostly Rash or really whoever the chat wants me to play. Be sure to tell me what you want.

we are up

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Gotta leave my house, but i would like to catch this at some point.

Stream has concluded. Hopefully I will find some time to stream on Tuesday when the patch is live.

WIsh I could’ve been there, but I was busy eating dinner with the family (we eat early on Sundays) and then I started work on a visual web for my coursework assignment that was due at midnight tonight. Sadly, I’m going to continue to be really busy all week too, so I’ll try and find the time, but there are no guarantees. Sorry. :worried:

I will be streaming some KI ranked today around 5pm ETS. I will be messing around with some of the characters that received heavy adjustments (like Sadira, Kim and Tusk).

Up in 30 min

live in 5

If anyone gets antsy, I will be streaming Tusk in Ranked for about an hour starting now with no commentary. have fun.