The KI3 Sabrewulf cosplay appreciation thread


Top 3 are by snicasio02 Instagram
Bottom 3 not sure who by

Sick. As. Hell.

The first three are kinda ok. Those last three though… Godlike

these are good, yes.

(that guy in the background of the third picture with the top hat looking pissed lol)

Wow, whoever made the costume(s?) in the bottom four pictures are really great. That fourth picture in particular… so striking, wow! Gotta admire people who have the time and craft to do this sort of thing.

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Wow! I didn’t expect to ever see anyone do this lol thanks for sharing your finds!

No probs I’ll post some more if I find any :wink:

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By Ivan Agafonov

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Oh my gosh, Ivan’s is great! I think if he just had a slightly bigger “mane” and fur that stood up a little more on his hackles that would make him spot on! That one of him brooding in the throne, so spot on.

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Yeah A++ cosplay one of the best KI cosplay’s I’ve ever seen :grinning:

Came in expecting furries.

Saw awesome Wulf costumes instead.

Good stuff.

Absolutely speechless. F’ing amazing!

Yeah, I definitely thought it was something furry, but no. 10/10.

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By snicasio02

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With Little Red Riding Hood by his side. At the same time it looks like Sabrewulf now has a new master AND mistress at his side too :wink: :smirk: :laughing:

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