The KI Royal Rumble 2: Back Again! (12 Spaces Remain) - SIGNUP CLOSES TOMORROW

RR 1 seemed to have all around positive reviews so do you know what that means? THAT MEANS WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN!

For those of you who don’t know me my name is The One And Only Ryan Bay and I’m a member of the Psycho Vipers.

For those of you who haven’t seen WWE’s Royal Rumble I will give you a quick description. For those who have feel free to skip this part.

Every participant is given a number
Entrants 1&2 start at the same time
Eliminations occur until there is only one person left

These rules are similar for the tournament with the added rules:
Once you pick a character you cannot change so be careful of who you chose
Matches are best 2 out of 3 apart from the final which is 3 out of 5.
If the final entrant is DQd, The previous match gets extended to FT3

Previous Winners:
ST PobreSuave (Entrant #12)

Discord Chat:
Twitch: TBD
Sign-up: CLOSED

START DATE: February 4th 2017 15:00 GMT
PRE-SHOW: February 2nd 2017 17:00 GMT

Good luck to you all!

12 spaces remain!

And now for some random(ish) tags:
@PVXenoraptor @SlenderCashew50 @lewisthewizard @SonicDolphin117 @Dayv0 @BHswordsman09 @GalacticGeek @ZTRAINOVER9000
@ItzTymeToDul @blandestjohn


I’m doing this.


How long did the last RR last? I could participate but then I have to leave for work like three hours later.

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I’ll sign up again and hope I can participate this time😊Looking forward to it

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Signed up because it’s not every day I get to face strong opponents.

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Suprisingly short, it was finished in 1h 35m

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Make sure you have followed the link to the challenge page and signup from there, on my screen you aren’t appearing.

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15 spaces remain!

What’s the approximate skill level for these tournaments?

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Hey I would like to participate just for fun and try to make an upset ^^

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Hello, I would like to participate.

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It varies, some amazing players such as ST Lemonhunter and you also get terrible players like me :joy::joy:

Just hope you get a number that you like :joy:

Well I signed up so at least you won’t be the only terrible player lol

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Just a quick poll
(tagged all who signed up)

In RR1 the numbers were handed out privately, do you think i should keep it this way or make it public?

  • Public
  • Private

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@PVXenoraptor @ItzTymeToDul @FeverAyeAye @ZTRAINOVER9000 @VerminatorX @Awesomo19

Private, not knowing who’s next is the best part just like the real RR

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These days we know about 90% of the entrants in the real rumble :joy::joy:

The main reason that i decided to ask is that some players were discussing with each other which numbers they got, which kinda ruins the whole point of me doing it privately.

Really?I haven’t watched one in years😂If thats the case that sucks