The KI multiverse and Street Fighter

I was thinking about some of the similarities between the two franchises and thought of this…

What if Street Fighter takes place in KI’s multiverse?

What I mean by this is characters like Ryu and Jago having similar moves and motivations because they are parallel universe versions of each other. What if Gargos is the Satsui no Hado akin to how he was the “tiger spirit”. What if TJ Combo is an alternate of Balrog, but instead of turning to a complete life of crime, he sought out redemption and revenge against Ultratech? M Bison, the leader of a giant corrupt organization with multiple bodies he can transfer himself in to, compared to ARIA?

This is half baked, but I thought it was an interesting concept. I love how the multiverse is coming into play for KI.

Tell me what you think. FIGHT ON!

Edit: THIS POST IS NOT MEAN TO BE TAKEN COMPLETELY SERIOUSLY. Just made some observations and wanted to share them.

Extreme fanboyism right here, if you ask me, and is too irrelevant to really dive into, IMO. What if My Little Pony, Transformers, Star Wars, Pokemon, etc. were also all in the same universe!? See, it doesn’t really work. The only reason there are parallels is because KI is known for its tropes and referencing of other material…

No one said they were in the same universe. He said what if they were in the same multiverse. :smirk:

Semantics. Still not really worth discussing as it’s a “what if?” scenario that will never happen.

Killer Instinct lore is an incoherent mess, but its fckin Tolkien compared to SF crap. Seriously, SF5 story mode made me feel thankful that Shadow Lords won`t be cinematic.

They had one job - write a good story that makes a bridge between Shadaloo era and 3rd Strike Illuminati era. And they fucked it up.


But the two words are completely different. Of course the “what if” scenario will never happen. That is what makes it a “what if” in the first place

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Geez, the negativity! Yes, I know this won’t ever happen and yes, I am a fan of Street Fighter and I do like some (not all) of it’s story ideas. Why can’t a irrelevant what if be discussed? I tried to make a fun observation and discuss it. @GalacticGeek this was a topic I made for fun, not to discuss a plausible plot point or cross overs. I just noticed a ton of comparisons that could be drawn between the two series. and KI and SF being parallels of each other is much more plausible than Tranformers, MLP, and pokemon being in the same multiverse as well.

And I happen to like the lore of KI. Is it messy? Yeah, but I have fun with it. I like the little developments and the set ups between fights. I happened to like Season 2’s story mode. It was fun to me.

I agree with the story being a gargantuan mess, but I still had fun with some of the silly things (Giefs muscles being invincible to swords). It was really really wonky, and I didn’t really expect anything else.

Ehhh…it is hard for me to wrap my head around the idea, and see where you are going with this. It is a kind of cool idea as I’ve never actually thought about it that way (the TJ/Balrog analog kind of got me), but I really don’t know what else to say.

I mean Orchid and Chun Li have an analogtoo, so do Thunder and T. Hawk, Evil Ryu and Shadow Jago, and Sadira and Cammy, but for the most part I think it is more of a stretch than anything else.

I’d rather think about the 2 universes being stand alone, and which one would win in a fight based on their own merits…

  • Bison vs ARIA
  • Jago vs Ryu
  • Blanka vs Sabrewulf
  • Orchid vs Chun Li
  • Hugo vs Aganos

Stuff like that.

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Yeah, I wasn’t really being completely serious with this thread. I was just pointing out some similarities. These games have different worlds, characters, and universes, but KI and SF share some similarities that I wanted to point out. I think if a crossover ever were to happen, I would like to see some fights between the characters you listed. The multiverse idea came from a love of alternate worlds used in comic books and I was excited that such an idea was brought into KI. I do think these worlds should stand alone, I’m just thinking about it and pointing out some ideas.

I do have a question, though. What do Sadira and Cammy have in common? I thought that Mira (being an operative for the coven) and cammy (part of delta red) were a little more similar along with the spiral arrow attack similarities. Yeah, I am stretching things, but hey, it’s just an observation.

Sadira is a member of the Red Eyes clan, she is the leader of it, and she was brought into the UT folder by ARIA. While Cammy isn’t the leader of her crew, and while Sadira was never brainwashed, they both were the go to “doll” of the bad guy, who dispatched obstacles in the shadows.

Ah, I see.