The KI Community Is Turning Toxic? What You Can Do To Help

@SonicDolphin117 and I put together a video discussing the 8-Bit Beatdown fiasco. If it’s too long for you to watch, here’s the message: Spread positivity everywhere. The people who can’t work around the monthly changes don’t have our passion. And if you feel the game is truly ruined because your character got nerfed, you could give constructive feedback on the forums, or just leave. You will not be missed.


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We shouldn’t point fingers or call out names. Also yeah, you should provide some context or proof if you’re gonna make a claim like that.

What. Happened?

If you’re asking about why this whole debacle started, then the beginning of the video should answer your questions.

The problem with fans of, well anything really, is that once they become a fan, they kind of unknowingly start acting like they own it - and this simply isn’t the case. It’s even worse for those who may be in the spotlight of said community, as they feel it much more than the more casual fans and feel like they can pull their own weight within the community to get what they want or to make what they think would be good for what they’re a fan of in an attempt to make it even better in their own eyes.

The fact of the matter, however, is that no matter how big of a fan you or anyone else may be, we don’t own it - that belongs to the company (In this case, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy). They can choose to listen to what we, as fans have to say - but they also don’t have to. If anything, as a fan, I’m personally grateful for everything MS and IG has done to make KI great again, and although I may not always agree with them in regards to something, I can understand why they did it (especially after it gets explained to me in rashionable fashion) and will respect that. For example, I didn’t like Hisako or Cinder when they both released, but that was only due to my own ignorance of how that character was supposed to be played and/or fought. Over time, I learned just that and now, those 2 are among some of my favorite characters. We, as a community should appreciate that the team at IG and MS take so much time to listen to us and actually have a discourse with us - I’ve been a part of numerous game communities, and I’ll be the 1st to tell you that in over the 28+ years that I’ve been gaming (since the age of 3!) that I’ve never seen a better community, overall.

While it’s sad to hear about what happened to @TheKeits during the stream, you have to understand that if a community gets big enough or has the means to communicate easily and widely, there will ALWAYS be a very loud and vocal minority. Sometimes they get what they want and sometimes they don’t - an example of the former would be the Alien and Predator in Mortal Kombat X; an example of the latter would be having the ability to wield not 1, but 2 engergy swords in Halo. It’s up to the developers and publishers to decide what’s best for their own franchise/IP by finding out what they think will help their own community grow and profit them, while also weeding out or ignoring the silly or absolutely ridiculous requests or suggestions that some may ask for.

If you have a suggestion or a complaint, it’s considered uncouth to shout it from the rooftops. Instead, you do it in a formal manner, and through official channels.

…and for the record, insulting a developer through unofficial public channels when they’re trying to simply relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor simply because you have another opportunity to be heard is NOT how you should go about doing it - EVER. There’s a reason we have the suggestion and feedback section to the forums - use it! Keits even recommended it! That alone should’ve stopped any reasonable individual. Sadly, many fans are anything but reasonable - they’re often blinded by their own devotion and emotion towards what they (think) they love.

The unfortunate flip-side of this, of course, is that Keits and others like him that represent our community have become a public face for us - and as with all things, being in that spotlight comes with the good, the bad, and yes - even the ugly. It would honestly not surprise me if Keits or others within the game’s development team have already received death threats towards them or their families. I, for 1, certainly hope not, of course, and hope that if they have that they have taken the appropriate steps in regards to their safety as well as finding out the seriousness behind such a heinous act.

As a community, we need to simply sit back and enjoy what comes, and do so with the understanding that if something changes that we don’t like that there are proper ways to make our voice heard and improper ways to make our voice heard, and to know the difference between the 2. If something changes that truly turns you off of the game (or whatever it is that you’re a fan of), then it’s okay to simply walk away and find a new medium to become a fan of - there’s certainly plenty out there with many more coming every single day. There’s no shame in doing so either - it’s simply a choice that you decide to make, and nobody can fault you for that. However, saying or doing something to demean others or to put down their hard work? There IS shame in that.

Those who resort to negativity to get what they want are relying on their emotions to do the talking for them. It’s because of things like that that many companies that represent their franchises and communities have official means of communication and do so publicly, rather than directly to individuals. That, however, is what sets IG apart, IMO - they do communicate with us on an individual basis. I myself have talked to Keits many times, and he actually knows who I am (relatively speaking). While I myself have argued with him in the past, I’ve never stopped respecting him and have never (intentionally) insulted him (and for those times that I’ve done so accidentally, I have profusely apologized to him). The very idea that he’s done that as a representative of his company speaks highly of how much they love what they have created for us, the community, and appreciate our input. We, as a community, need to simply stow the negativity and realize that, because unfortunately, many of us don’t - no matter how high on the totem pole they think they may be.

I, for 1, look forward to seeing much of this community in person this very weekend at CEO - the devs, the pros, other forum members, etc.; it’ll be a smorgasboard of great, and not so great people. While there though, I’m going to have a filter - I will simply ignore those who speak with their negative feelings and openly listen to those who speak with logic and common sense.

To be frank, that’s exactly what Keits did - he ignored them. As a professional representative, that’s exactly what he’s supposed to do, because in doing so, he sends the right message. He chose to ignore those who kept insulting him and making demands, because he understands that’s not how things are supposed to work - and they attacked him on his time off and behind his back, no less (so distasteful)! He understands that he needs to filter out the riff-raff that speak from their negative emotions and listen to those who go through the proper channels and offer constructive feedback and suggestions or those who make a logical and well-thought-out complaint with plenty of evidence to back up their side of the argument.

Most of us are old enough, and mature enough to do the right thing. For those of you who aren’t - I hope you learn from this, and endeavor to become wiser and/or do better in the future.

GG, from GG.

TLDR - speak with your head, not your heart.


I thought someone said he’s actually still onTwitter, that it was not as deep what he meant ?
I’m so confused I want to watch the stream in question -