The KI Album

KI will eventually end at some point. Be it after S3 or any other future season, it will come to an end. Once this happens, I think it would be a great opportunity to publish an encyclopedia-type book, like the Ultra Fan Book, but with more emphasis on the lore aspect. Imagine a book with all the characters, their respective detailed background (like the ones that have been published here on a weekly basis), artwork, abilities, etc., along with the history of KI itself. Being a bookworm myself, I would love to have such an album in my hands to “wrap things up”. Ideas for content would include:

  • History of KI (covering the classic games and the development of the Xbox reboot throughout its seasons);
  • The story of KI (the actual mythology behind the game, covering the rise of Ultratech, the foundation of the KI tournament, the Shadow Lords invasion, etc.);
  • Detailed background for each character (drawing from the official expanded backstories published in the official website, complemented with Adam Isgreen’s “preview bios” that were published prior to the release of a new character in S2), along with character creation and development (including an evolution from the original games for classic characters), concept artwork, hero artwork, summary of fighting style and abilities (as opposed to a detailed moveset, a simple description of the character’s main traits, special abilities and Instinct mode should suffise);
  • A section dedicated to the game’s stages and how each was created;
  • A section dedicated to the developers, designers, artists, composers, community managers, supporters, fans and all the main names that have been involved in the game’s creation and dissemination, including the original games (could be comprised of interviews, like in the last section of the Ultra Fan Book).

What do you think? Would you buy such a book?



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