The K.I. Girls as Fifth Harmony

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i know this sounds stupid but I just thought of 5 of the girls in K.I. being in Fifth Harmony and I even know who each character would be

Orchid - Normani Hamilton

Maya - Camila Cabello

Kim Wu - Ally Brooke

Mira - Lauren Jauregui

Hisako - Dinah Jane Hansen

what brought this thought? Listen to this if you want:

This song is what gave me the thought when I heard it at Dave and Buster’s

Where’s Riptor and ARIA?

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well, riptor is a cyber dinomech and Aria is a cybernetic A.I, it made more sense with Hisako because she could look more human, no offense but I picked the 5 you see because they are more human, and it would be based off each of the member’s appearances, what did you think of the song that gave me the idea btw?

Riptor be female, or male … it’s just a dinosaur, no matter what sex. Put a dinosaur next to the Orchid, Sadira, Maya, Mira … man… for the love of god! Does not make any sense! It’s an insult to the women of KI :stuck_out_tongue:

ARIA, at least, has the shape of a woman, reminiscent of a woman! :kissing_heart:

It was okay…


it made more sense, that’s all