The Jago mu

So I’m not going to say Raam beats Jago now since I haven’t played the fight yet. But doing some lab work and the change to forward roundhouse may have affected the mu more than I thought as it seems Jago no longer gets a follow up outside of laser sword. He tries to input a normal and Raam can just yank him up or kryll shield in between to beat him. So jago will have an even harder time in footsie range and with the lower damage to endokuken Raam won’t be taking as much trying to get in. So in the future Raam may end up with an edge over jago. Of course until I play a couple good ones that can’t be truly determined.


I never much liked playing footsies with RAAM because how dangerous it can be. Scary thing about a RAAM with instinct is that he can hit confirm into instinct where he gets a free manual into shadow curb stomp ender for beefy damage. Even without the instinct he can setup the pace of the match once he gets you cornered or does get a combo.

His double roundhouse is the least of Jago’s worries now since his overhead is not far enough to hit confirm out of RAAM’s range. It’s soooooooo slow, it is painful to see actually.

Only way I can see Jago taking this matchup is if he plays the runaway game which usually is very successful until RAAM closes the distance.

Played two RAAM’s last night and barely managed, it was a very lame approach I’ll admit. Though it is the only way I see myself actually taking the match.

Before the patch, I was already feeling like RAAM might have an edge (at least more of an edge than RAAM typically gets), but I wasn’t all that willing to go out on a limb to say “grappler beats shoto”.

After the patch, any blocked Wind Kick is an automatic meterless punish into ambiguous setups, including ones that make Jago’s DP whiff. Also, Medium Emergence was already a decent counter to fireballs, but now it should be even better with a Wind Kick punish being riskier.

I think Double Roundhouse was already kinda weak if RAAM had meter, since Shadow grab beats any kind of offense after block. A jab or throw should still beat a meterless reversal grab, though. Since he’s +2, Jago’s jab/throw is effectively 3 frames, one faster than RAAM’s 4-frame grab.

Also to add to this, Kryll Shield is a direct counter to wakeup DP xx Instinct, which many characters can’t avoid without giving up their space after a knockdown.

Yeah from practicing a jab can beat it but it truly has to be frame perfect. Then if Raam goes for kryll shield over light throw Jago still loses.

Yeah I did think Raam had a slight edge that was kept mostly even due to fireballs, but with the nerfs that advantage grew a bit more. I’ve fought a few Jagos since the patch and it does feel kind of favorable, maybe once people lose the wind kick muscle memory it won’t be as easy but I don’t really see what Jago can do other than try to zone which won’t get him too far.